Jessica Vestal: The Love is Blind Contestant is Now a Volunteer

Image Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix

In Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind,’ the participants get a chance to find their future spouse through a truly unique social experiment while being on television. However, not every participant finds the expected results, given just how complicated the matchmaking experience can be. Consider season 6’s Jessica Vestal, who found herself falling for someone, and yet things did not go the way she wanted. Given her time on the show, it is hardly surprising that people have found themselves invested in her and her life.

Jessica Vestal was Caught in a Love Triangle

When Jessica Vestal entered the social experiment, she wanted someone who would not only want her but would also accept every part of her life. After going through various speed dates, there was but one person that Jessica found herself connecting with. Indeed, she found herself bonding with Jimmy Presnell so well that she could hardly wait for their second meeting. While Jimmy had also enjoyed his time with Jessica, he was also exploring a connection with Chelsea Blackwell.

Realizing how much she found herself connecting with Jimmy, Jessica decided to share some big news with him. She shared that she had not told him initially because she wanted a person with whom she could connect on her own before revealing that she had a daughter named Autumn. She explained that her 10-year-old child has always been a massive part of her life, and she wanted her future partner to be someone who would be completely accepting of becoming a step-parent.

Taken aback, Jimmy requested some time to think about it all, which left Jessica wondering what their next meeting would be like. Much to her happiness, Jimmy confessed that he was indeed open to taking up a parental role and asked to know more about Autumn. Happy about Jimmy’s acceptance, Jessica could not help but fall for him even more, which only made the fact that he was still dating Chelsea highly important.

After seeing Chelsea extremely conflicted between Jimmy and Trevor Sova, the latter of whom had recently professed his love, Jessica decided to bring down her walls and be open about her own feelings. She sent Jimmy a heartfelt letter confessing how she cared for him. However, Jimmy felt overwhelmed and was not sure how to react, which made Jessica angry because there was no reciprocation at all. The fact that Jimmy ended up saying “I love you” to Chelsea not much later infuriated Jessica.

As such, when Jessica walked into her next meeting with Jimmy, her head held high, and a decision was on her mind. She told Jimmy that she deserved someone who was more accepting of her and more decisive. This was followed by Jessica reiterating that Jimmy had always been eager to take his time with his decisions, which often ended up hurting her. Walking out from the pod and her connection with Jimmy, Jessica declared that he would regret everything after he saw what she looked like.

Jessica came back on the show after all the engaged couples had returned home. She met up with Laura Dadisman and confessed to her that she still seemed to have feelings for Jimmy. The reality TV star also disclosed how Jimmy had apparently sent her a follow request on Instagram, which was rescinded when she went back to check on it after about 8 hours. Jessica went on to admit that she might not be averse to the idea of catching up with Jimmy again.

As such, when Jessica attended the couples’ get-together, she did seem excited to talk to Jimmy. When the two did end up talking alone, Jimmy apologized for how things had ended between them in the pods, which Jessica accepted. She confessed that she still had some feelings for him and that being around him hurt her a little bit. However, she remained adamant that she was quite happy for Jimmy and Chelsea.

Where is Jessica Vestal Now?

Jessica Vestal remains proud of all that she has achieved in her life. More than anything, she enjoys the company of her daughter Autumn, who often appears on the reality TV star’s social media. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jessica enjoys going out and taking in everything that nature and city life have to offer. As of writing, Jessica has not shared any updates regarding her romantic life, leaving the viewers quite eager about the same given her time on the show.

As for her professional life, Jessica has been working as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of GCG Wealth Management since May 2021. Prior to that, she was an Executive Assistant at Hendrick Automotive Group, having started working there in November 2013. Additionally, she serves as the Coordinator Of Volunteers for Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina and the National Foster Parent Association, apart from being a Volunteer at Levine Children’s Hospital. During the reunion episode of the Netflix series, it was revealed that Jessica would be part of ‘Perfect Match’ season 2.

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