Sarah Ann: Where is the Love is Blind Contestant Now?

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Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is one dating show you cannot miss out on if you like seeing couples come together in a truly unique manner. The series is known for many love-filled moments and heartbreaks as the complicated nature provides the participants with several challenges. In season 6 of the show, Sarah Ann thought she might have found the one for her, only to realize that things might not be the way she had expected, sparking the interest of many in her life since then.

Sarah Ann Thought She Had Found The One

Unlike many people involved in the modern dating world, Sarah Ann never used a dating app before being a part of the show. As for her dating life, she had been single for four years and hence was looking to make the most of the Netflix experiment. The reality TV star confessed that she felt that some of her behavior patterns might be a deterrent to potential partners. Additionally, she hoped to find a person who would be supportive of her faith, given how much it means to her.

As such, Sarah Ann could not help but be happier about forming a close connection with Jeramey Lutinski. The two shared many common interests, with Sarah Ann hoping that this might be it for her. While Jeramey himself was extremely interested in Sarah Ann, he was also pursuing a connection with Laura Dadisman. This was something that both women were certainly aware of, but they tried not to let it become a reason for animosity between them.

When talking about the two women, Jeramey confessed that he felt that his connection with Sarah Ann was one that was easier and more meaningful. He thought her to be the person he had more fun with. However, as the pod phase of the experiment came to an end, Jeramey had to make a final decision. As such, he invited Sarah Ann for a date and confessed to her that while he did feel a strong connection with her, he wanted to propose to Laura. He claimed that he could not explain the reasons behind it but knew in his heart that it was Laura he wanted to be with.

Taken aback by the development, Sarah Ann asked Jeramey frankly if there was something she had done or anything else from her side that led to this decision. However, Jeramey insisted that it was not the case and that he adored Sarah Ann just the way she was. Though heartbroken, Sarah Ann accepted his decision with grace and bid him farewell. She then reunited with Laura in the women’s quarters, where she told her that Jeramey was going to propose to her, wishing her the best.

After all the engaged couples had returned to their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, Sarah Ann seemingly did contact Jeramey again via Instagram. She first congratulated him in the message and then informed him that if he ever changed his mind about his choice, she would be open to exploring their connection again. This did not sit well with Laura, who was far from happy about the fact that Jeramey had liked the message, though he himself thought it to be just a way of acknowledging the message.

Things came to a head when it was revealed that Sarah Ann and Jeramey had hung out until about 5 AM in the morning. This led to a huge fight between Jeramey and Lura, with the latter being upset about the whole situation. Sarah Ann also made an appearance during a get-together of the cast members, during which Amber Desiree “AD” Smith asked her why she had messaged Jeramey, knowing that he was now engaged. To this, Sarah Ann replied that she was just being a realist and that she did not think she was trying to sabotage someone’s relationship.

Furthermore, Sarah Ann claimed that while Jeramey had indeed dropped her off at her home at 5 in the morning, he had not stepped foot in her home. She also revealed that she had been told that Jeramey was breaking things off with Laura. Feeling like she was being interrogated, Sarah Ann talked to Jeramey about how this had hurt her. He, in return, stated that he did not regret having talked to her that night. The two then decided to relieve some tension by going on jet skis, a move that astounded many, given that Jeramey had just broken up with Laura.

Sarah Ann is Now an Enterprise Client Success Manager

Despite the unfruitful results of her time on the show, Sarah Ann has continued to enjoy life to the fullest. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, she continues to travel to her heart’s content, either for leisure or due to planned events. In fact, she visited Hawaii in April 2023 and enjoyed the scenic views that the island state is so known for. The reality TV star turned 30 in November 2023 and looks forward to everything that life has in store for her.

As for her work, Sarah Ann is an Enterprise Client Success Manager for AvidXchange. She gained the position in August 2022, having previously worked as a Supplier Growth Senior Sales Account Manager from March 2021 to August 2022. Sarah Ann has also served as an Existing Checks Specialist/Account Manager for AvidXchange from August 2020 to March 2021, prior to which she was a Supplier Growth Specialist/Account Manager for the company, having joined the organization in March 2020.

During the reunion episode of the sixth season of the show, Sarah Ann and Jeramey Lutinski confirmed that they were in a relationship. The couple once again insisted that they had not kissed when Jeramey had still been engaged to Laura Dadisman, though the latter did not lave any room to doubt that she still considered their actions to be disrespectful towards her.

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