AD and Clay: Are the Love is Blind Stars Still Together?

If there’s one thing Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ has made evident ever since its 2020 premiere, it’s that every relationship can get incredibly complicated owing to compatibility and trust. However, there are some alums (like Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton) who have proved over the years that communication, efforts, and understanding are ultimately the sole facets that matter. So now, with season 6 having landed on our screens, let’s find out whether new couple Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and Clay Gravesande were able to join this outrightly flourishing category or not, shall we?

AD and Clay’s Journey Was Unpredictable

Considering 32-year-old real estate broker AD’s initial involvement was with 36-year-old senior financial advisor Matthew Duliba, her ensuing conversations with 30-year-old entrepreneur Clay honestly felt a little forced at first. However, everything turned upside down as the latter began opening himself to her in a way he never had before, all the while the former made it clear he too was all in on her. She thus started developing feelings for both, just for Matthew to turn out to be not what AD expected as he was telling another girl the same things he was telling her.

The fact Clay then got mad over AD having another connection didn’t pan out well either, especially as she was already struggling with his assistance of looks meaning a lot to him. In fact, he’d previously even gone as far as to ask her to describe herself a little because he wouldn’t get down on one knee if he wasn’t confident in her looks/attractiveness. Nevertheless, thankfully he managed to work on himself a little and was then able to see as well as admit he often let his ego take over because that’s what he’d seen growing up from his father, leading him to apologize.

So while Matthew went after his other connection upon making statements like “America’s gonna be watching,” Clay showed up for AD in a way he never had before and accepted he’d challenge her. They then continued to have banter, share their deepest secrets, and spoke of future expectations, all the while walking towards the same goal of maybe having a forever together. And as they grew closer, the latter managed to get away from his physicality reservations and began genuinely falling head over heels in love with AD despite initially coming across as a mere playboy.

If we’re being honest, Clay’s ensuing proposal to AD was also arguably one of the most romantic ones in this installment, leading her to obviously say yes. Then came their face-to-face meeting, which went way better than anyone could have expected as they were both more than happy to see one another and felt an immediate attraction. This much was actually clearly evidenced by the way they touched one another at every turn before he went as far as to bury his head in her arms, essentially melting into her so that she could, in his own words, baby him.

With the way AD and Clay’s first meeting went, it comes as no surprise their subsequent romantic getaway to the Dominican Republic was equally as eventful as well as positive. The duo actually conversed about their upcoming wedding as they were a sure thing, gassed each other up at every step of the way, made their physical plus emotional attraction and love known, and spoke of their future expectations some more. Even when they disagreed on the way he should approach her physical changes “when” she became pregnant, they had a cordial discussion about it rather than arguing over his delivery and causing drama, only to then move on to deeper topics.

AD and Clay Are Leading Individual Lives Today

AD and Clay did have their fair share of ups and downs in the real world, with them surrounding his work schedule as well as his worry of cheating, but they did gradually seem to make it mast it. With him being an entrepreneur and her new career as a realtor/nightclub manager, it was really hard for them to spend all nights together – plus, the fact he didn’t seem to understand her request for him to come home instead of choosing convince didn’t play well either. Moreover, since he has never really experienced or seen a good, positive, monogamous Black relationship in his life, he was worried he might cheat on her too, which understandably made AD a bit insecure, as if he was implying she wasn’t good enough for him. In the end, he proved he wasn’t ready by saying no at the altar.


It thus comes as no surprise AD and Clay have since preferred to keep some distance from one another. In other words, these Charlotte, North Carolina residents aren’t currently involved in any manner, but their social media platforms do have clues regarding what they’ve been up to since the altar. This duo seems to be leading quite separate lives these days, especially with her career as a real estate agent and his growing standing as an entrepreneur. Plus, she apparently went on a few dates with Matthew after being left all alone before things fizzled out with him too ,while he started going to therapy to deal with his past upon realizing AD was the love of his life. The former couple does still mutually follow one another on Instagram, but that seems to be the extent of their involvement now – nevertheless, we wish them all the happiness and contentedness for their future.

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