Matthew Duliba: Where is the Love is Blind Contestant Now?

Image Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix

The sixth season of Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ provides viewers with love stories that are sure to remain in their minds for a long time. While the featured engaged couples are often the focus of the show, there are several other cast members who are able to capture the attention of the audience despite walking out unengaged. This includes Matthew Duliba, whose time in the pods led to many interesting revelations and heartbreaks. In light of this, the interest of the viewers in Matthew’s life is hardly a surprise.

Matthew Duliba’s Dated Two Ambers on The Show

When Matthew Duliba first appeared on the Netflix show, he did not create the best impression on many of his potential partners. Claiming that he found small talk to not be his strongest suit, he instead brought in a set of questions to ask everyone so as to make the process seemingly efficient. While this led many women to not be happy with Matthew, he did seem to connect well with Amber Desiree, whom you might better know as AD.

While AD had indeed connected well with Matthew, she was also close to Clayton “Clay” Gravesande. Torn between the two men, she wondered whom to choose, but she soon started to feel like Matthew might be more serious about her than Clay was. In fact, she could not help but feel moved when Matthew brought up the topic of her father. AD confessed that her father had passed away about four years ago, which Matthew claimed was disappointing as he had hoped to get his permission before proposing to AD. This and the fact that Matthew claimed that he was willing to leave with her the very next day made AD feel highly cherished.

However, the words that had made AD feel so loved soon came to haunt her. Not long after her date with Matthew ended, AD was talking to Amber Grant, who unknowingly revealed to AD that she was also going on dates with Matthew and that he had said almost the same thing to her that he had said to AD regarding their fathers and leaving the pods. Before telling Amber about the whole situation, AD decided to confront Matthew.

Doubling down on his words, Matthew claimed that he was indeed willing to leave with AD by his side. Conflicted, AD even revealed to Clay that she was dating Matthew, which caught him off guard as he claimed that he could not imagine AD being with someone like Matthew. AD herself returned to the women’s quarters and told Amber everything, which made the latter feel extremely betrayed. During the next date between Matthew and AD, the former claimed that he was highly upset because Amber had left the show. When AD claimed that it should be obvious why this happened, Matthew still claimed that he was unhappy that he had ended up breaking someone’s heart on “national television,” which seemed to make AD even disenchanted. Ultimately, Matthew chose to leave the experiment.

Matthew Duliba Is a Proud Dog Owner

As of writing, Matthew Duliba is happily living in Charlotte, North Carolina. The reality TV star is an art admirer who also seems to enjoy outdoor activities like fly fishing. Often enjoying his time with friends and family, Matthew is also a huge dog lover and seems to own a boxer. As for his professional life, he has been a Senior Financial Advisor for Vanguard since November 2019, though he has been affiliated with the organization since March 2018.

Prior to that, Matthew was an employee of PNC from January 2014 to March 2018, first as an Assistant Vice President and Investment Advisor, which was followed by his role change to AVP Relationship Manager in January 2016. While Matthew did not attend the reunion episode of the show, AD shared that they had actually gone on a couple of dates. The first one had apparently taken place because Matthew had wanted to apologize for his actions. They had continued on to the next date because of mutual interest but, as shared by AD, their personalities apparently differed too much for them to be continue.

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