Matthew and Amber: Are the Love is Blind Contestants Dating?

Although every connection is unique in its own sense and faces some challenges over time, there needs to be a solid foundation between the individuals involved for them to make things work. This much has actually been repeatedly evidenced in Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ since its 2020 premiere, with one of the prime examples being the pairing of season 4’s Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown. Though on the other end of this spectrum, there’s season 6’s Matthew Duliba and Amber Grant, whose relationship gradually grew as complex as it could be.

Matthew and Amber Both Left the Experiment Early

From the moment 36-year-old senior financial advisor Matthew first came across our screens, it was clear he was emotionally guarded despite wanting to find “the one” before moving forward for good. In fact, it’s to confront these social issues that the small-town native stepped foot into this incredibly complex social experiment while asserting he has no interest in becoming a C-list celebrity. “When life presents you with an opportunity which takes a weakness and exposes it, how can you turn it down if it’s really important to find that special someone?,” he’d once candidly said.

Matthew even told Tudum ahead of his season’s debut that his ideal woman would not only be “intelligent, caring, considerate, hardworking” but also not mind his boxer dog sleeping in their bed. However, he did go on to concede he doesn’t “think there is anything that I wouldn’t sacrifice to find the right person [including his lifestyle] and my commitment to this experiment is evidence of that.” It thus comes as no surprise the two women he connected with during his time in the pods were Amber Grant and Amber Desiree “AD” Smith — strong, independent city natives in their own right.

We unfortunately don’t know much about Matthew’s involvement with Amber considering it didn’t make the show’s final cut, yet we do know this 30-year-old medical device saleswoman liked him. She’d actually entered this platform realizing just how integral trust is in a partnership and hence hoped to find someone who’d respect, understand, plus care for her as honestly as she’d for them. “That’s a big thing that I haven’t had in the past,” she told Tudum back in January 2024. “A deal breaker would be someone who has cheated” and doesn’t share similar tight-knit family values.

Therefore, of course, Amber quickly began falling for Matthew’s distinctive charm, only to later realize he was telling her the same things he was telling AD — the dialogues were almost verbatim. Whether it be his questions about them as individuals or him ultimately as king about their fathers so as to go down the traditional route and maybe discuss her hand in marriage, it was the same. But arguably the worst of it was him telling both women he was ready to leave hand in hand with them if they couldn’t get the permission he desired, making it seem like he’d made his decision.

Amber as well as AD were both obviously heartbroken upon learning of this deceitfulness, driving the former to go as far as to decide she was ready to go home and was done with this entire ordeal. Little did she know her departure would lead Matthew to become incredibly distraught too, so he almost immediately ended things with the latter before swiftly asserting, “I’m gonna go get Amber.” Though we should mention it did feel as if this finance industry professional really did want the perks that came with being a reality star, especially as he often used phrases like “America’s gonna be watching.”

Matthew and Amber Aren’t Involved in Any Manner

From what we can tell through Matthew and Amber’s respective social media platforms as of writing, they aren’t connected in any way, shape, or form – let alone romantically together. The truth is this duo doesn’t follow one another on outlets like Instagram, indicting that whatever conversations went down between them away from the cameras following their exit didn’t end well. It’s true neither this financial expert nor the medical sales personnel has confirmed or denied anything until now, yet they also seem to be leading drastically different lives in their base of Charlotte, North Carolina. No matter what, though, we genuinely wish them the best of luck for their future.

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