Jeramey and Laura: Is the Love is Blind Couple Still Together?

The recently released season 6 of Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ has introduced viewers to several new couples to root for, each with their own unique love story. Among these are Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman, whose time on the show was certainly not the smoothest. From being part of a love triangle to a communication mishap, they faced many issues that made the world wonder if the two did go through with the wedding or if they chose to go their separate ways.

Jeramey and Laura and Their Love Triangle

Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman’s time on ‘Love is Blind’ certainly did not have the smoothest start, though the two did find many shared interests. Laura’s insistence that she does not want a partner who lives messily certainly sat well with Jeramey, who boasted about having two robot vacuums and a house that can only described as immaculate. Additionally, Jeramey opened up about his sleep apnea and how he has to use a machine while sleeping in order to avoid getting choked while asleep.

However, Laura was not the only woman that Jeramey was pursuing at the time. Indeed, he was also quite interested in establishing a connection with Sarah Ann, whom he found quite charming. In fact, on a memorable occasion when Jeramey did not know who was on the other side, he guessed it to be Sarah Ann and then had to backtrack profusely when the person was revealed to be Laura, who did make the latter wonder if Jeramey had wanted to be Sarah Ann and actually preferred her.

With both Laura and Sarah Ann only pursuing a connection with Jeramey, the man in question found his decision of making a choice harder day by day. Ultimately, he decided to have a meeting with Sarah Ann, during which he revealed to her that he was going to pick Laura. When Sarah Ann asked if there was anything she could have done, he adamantly reassured her that he did not find her lacking in any way but had to follow his heart. Returning to the women’s quarters, Sarah Ann relayed the news to Laura, who was surprised but happy at the same time.

Following a heartfelt proposal by Jeramey, he and Laura met for the first time. While Jeramey was captivated by his fiancée’s beauty, Laura talked about his smell, which apparently reminded her of the outdoors. This meeting was followed by the couple going to the Dominican Republic and exploring their connection even more. The happy space that the two had created for themselves certainly warmed the hearts of many viewers.

Not long after, all the couples got together and celebrated their time together, but this also led to a tiff between Jeramey and Laura. The former shared with Amber “AD” Desiree, Clayton “Clay” Gravesande, and Jimmy Presnell that Laura had apparently asked him to “bean dip” AD, referring to the act of slapping her breasts. This led to Laura being called over, who stated that she had made a joke in private. While Laura fumed that Jeramey should have known better than to share such a private joke with others, he himself was unsure about his fiancée’s words and reaction.

Later on, Jeramey approached Laura and sat beside her, and she accused him of starting things when there was no need for it. At this, Jeramey claimed that it was a joke that spawned out of control., having previously expressed dissatisfaction when Laura stated that she would talk to him when the two were alone. Following a tense silence, Jeramey added that he was “ready to go home,” which only seemed to make things between him and Laura complicated.

Fortunately for them, Jeramey and Laura were able to talk through their issues the following day. Laura commented how she had never meant the joke to go beyond Jeramey; something she was upset did not happen. Jeramey himself apologized for not realizing this, which allowed the two to end their trip on a somewhat happier note. After the two returned to Charlotte, North Carolina, things did get a bit better between them, with Laura being highly impressed by the immaculate nature of Jeramy’s home.

However, it did not take too long for things to go south again. Laura shared with Jessica Vestel that Sarah Ann had reached out to Jeramey and told him that if he was ever to change his mind, then she was open to exploring their connection. This made Laura highly upset as she could not believe what Sarah Ann had said. Jessica pointed out that Jeramey had been transparent about it to her, but Laura still seemed upset that he had reacted to the message with a heart emoji.

In fact, Laura brought up Jeramey’s method of acknowledgment when the couple was hosting her family. Jeramey stated that he had simply double-tapped the message to acknowledge it, which is why the reaction was a heart emoji. The next thing the viewers got to see after the somewhat disastrous meet-the-family day was Laura confronting Jeramey about where he had been till 5 AM in the morning, especially since clubs apparently close at about 2 AM.

To this, Jeramey answered that there had been a sudden change of plans, which led him to go to a bar in Charlotte’s South End called Lost and Found. He admitted that he had indeed met up with Sarah Ann in the last club that he frequented and that the two had ended up talking for a significant amount of time in the establishment’s parking lot. However, Laura refuted the claims, stating that she did not believe that this was all that had happened.

When Jeramey pointed out that he had shared his location with Laura, she claimed that she shouldn’t have to stay up all night checking his location, claiming that he should have been back home at a reasonable hour. When Jeramey kept insisting that he was in the parking lot of Lost and Found, Laura finally shared that she had indeed checked his location, which showed him to be nowhere near Lost and Found or even in the South End. Instead, she claimed that he had been in the Uptown area of Charlotte, where Sarah Ann lives.

Following their argument, Laura left Jeramey’s home. The latter explained things to his mother, claiming that he had indeed dropped off Sarah Ann at her home but that it was all that happened. The next time Jeramey and Laura crossed paths was during the couples’ get-together, where many unengaged participants were invited as well. There, Jeramey shared with his friends that he had tried to talk to Laura but that she had seemingly rebuffed his advances. He added that when he asked for her address so that he could send her flowers,  she had refused to give him her location.

After Sarah Ann also arrived at the party, Jeramey and Laura finally got a chance to talk again. Jeramey claimed that he had felt like his efforts at mending things were not being appreciated, to which Laura retorted that she was not at all happy about what he had done, having felt like he had failed in his duty of protecting her heart. She added that she did not believe that Jeramey had come on to the show with the right intentions, which he disagreed with. When Laura stated that she would come by Jeramey’s house to get her belongings, Jeramy fired back by saying that he had already packed her things. Infuriated, Laura replied that this indicated that he had never meant to mend things between them if he had already packed up her things.

Jeramey and Laura are Not Together Anymore

For Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman, their on-screen journey was certainly not an easy one. From being involved in a love triangle to tensions based on an apparent joke, things indeed spun out of control between them during their trip to the Dominican Republic. Additionally, Jeramey’s meet-up with Sarah Ann only added to the tensions between the two. Laura especially did not seem to appreciate Jeramey continuing to maintain a connection with her.

As of writing, Jeramey and Laura are no longer together. In the reunion episode of season 6 of the Netflix series, Jeramey and Sarah Ann confirmed that they were in a relationship. Laura revealed that she was also dating someone but did not reveal their identity. for all intents and purposes, Laura has still not forgiven Jeramey and Sarah Ann, firmly stating that their actions were certainly not respectful.

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