Jessika Asai From Below Deck Med: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Bravo/ YouTube

Bravo TV’s ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ returned with its highly anticipated eighth season on September 25, 2023, much to the delight of fans. This season, viewers follow the crew under the leadership of Sandra Yawn as they embark on their journey across the Italian Riviera during the charter season. In addition to showcasing the crew’s professional responsibilities, the season offered a peek into their personal lives, interpersonal dynamics, and the drama that unfolded among them. After a peek into the show, Jessika Asai emerged as a fan favorite, captivating audiences with her seemingly composed and calm demeanor. If you’re curious to learn more about Jessika Asai, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Jessika Asai’s Age, Ethnicity, Family, and Background

Jessika Asai was born in Hawaii on May 16, 1996, and spent her formative years growing up in the same beautiful island state with her brother. During her upbringing, she shared a close bond with her father and mother and even had a baby brother in 2013. She remains close to her family to date. While there isn’t much information available about her early education, it’s evident that Jessika developed a special fondness for animals and the outdoors from a young age. She found her calling at a very young age and was soon a working professional.

Jessika Asai’s Profession

Jessika Asai embarked on her modeling journey in 2013, marking the beginning of her career in the fashion and modeling industry. Her work as a model involved collaborations with various brands, and her talent and charm in front of the camera quickly made her a captivating and likable figure in the world of modeling. Her career took her to different parts of the country, including frequent travel to destinations like Vegas, Arizona, Texas, and beyond, as she continued to make her mark in the fashion and modeling world.

Jessika Asai’s work ethic and desire for diversification are evident in her various pursuits. In January 2022, she expanded her creative horizons by releasing a song titled ‘Somebody,’ showcasing her musical talent using a Kalimba instrument. She even dedicated time to taking voice lessons to hone her craft. Later in the same year, Jessika ventured into the world of retail by launching her own shopping and retail store, Kruise. The store specializes in sustainable swimwear, home goods, and other apparel items. She not only curates and sells products but also models for the brand, often featuring her friends as well. Her brand has gained its footing in the market, indicating her success and entrepreneurial spirit in the fashion and retail industry.

Jessika Asai found her true calling in the yachting industry, where she embarked on a career that involved working on various charters. Her four years of experience in the field eventually led to a significant opportunity when she was invited to be a stew on the eighth season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’ She enthusiastically accepted the offer, sharing the exciting news with her followers on social media at the beginning of September. Given her rational and composed demeanor, Jessika is a voice of reason on this season of the show, providing a balanced perspective amid the drama and challenges that often unfold in the yachting world. Her presence brought a level-headed and professional approach to the crew dynamics on the show.

Is Jessika Asai Dating Anyone?

From what we can tell, it appears that Jessika Asai is currently not in a romantic relationship. She seems to be surrounded by a loving circle of friends who serve as her support system, and she shares a strong bond with her dog, Legend, whom she holds close to her heart. As a stylish traveler and an up-and-coming influencer, Jessika is poised for a promising future in the industry. With her upcoming appearance on the show, she’s likely to reach even greater heights in her career. We wish her all the best for the eighth season of the show and her future endeavors.

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