Jessika and Dan: Has the MAFS Australia Couple Split?

Nine Network’s Australian reality series ‘Married at First Sight’ is known for pairing strangers with each other, and is considered a massive hit with viewers. In season 6, Jessika Power and Dan Webb had signed up on the show to find their perfect pairs. Initially coupled with Mick Gould and Tamara Joy, respectively, the two seemed to have found each other more suited, leading to a recoupling and a whirlwind romance riddled with ups and downs. However, it has been quite some time since the 2019 season has wrapped up. This has led fans to wonder about the unique couple, Jessika and Dan, and whether their bond has managed to stand the test of time, leading to them being still together or has faltered.

Jessika and Dan Had a Tumultous Experience on the Show

Administrative officer Jessika, then 27, arrived on the show hoping to be matched with a partner she’d click well with. She was paired with Mick Gould, a 31-year-old plasterer at the time, and the two seemed to have a topsy-turvy start to their relationship. Just as they were warming up to each other, car broker Dan, then 35, a latecomer to the season, arrived with similar expectations and was partnered with Tamara Joy, a 29-year-old administrator. As the four got married and started their experiments, Jessika and Dan subsequently started having affairs behind their partners’ backs.

Their secret affair eventually came out, leading to a full-blown meltdown for Mick, who felt humiliated for having been led on. Tamara, who already had doubts about the growing friendship, was left heartbroken too. While Jessika was convinced about wanting to be with Dan, he took a while before being sure he’d want to pursue her. After being sure, both chose to leave their partners for each other. Mick and Tamara, were subsequently sent home after opting out of the experiment. Jessika and Dan then requested the experts to let them re-enter the show as a couple, and after a lot of deliberation, they were granted their wish.

After their recoupling, Jessika and Dan managed to bring the roof down with their chemistry and intimacy. The smitten couple were intent on a long-term future with each other. Within no time, Jessika had said to him, “I love you,” and despite seeming a little hesitant, Dan had reciprocated. The pair had a lot of catching up to do, having met later than the other, but that didn’t deter them from going all in. They seemed very much in love, and Dan also confessed about his plans of getting Jessika to meet his kid. At the final vows, which would be a culmination of their whirlwind romance, both declared their decision of wanting to stay in the relationship beyond the show.

Jessika and Dan Have Moved On In Their Lives

Four days after the grand finale, the couple who’d found love on reality television called it quits. In a conversation with Yahoo! in April 2019, Dan shared that the tipping point came following a heated exchange on ‘Talking Married’ where Jessika’s flirty conversation with Nic Jovanovic, a fellow MAFS season 6 contestant, came to light. He said that the couple always had trust issues, and Dan wasn’t willing to be in a relationship where he couldn’t trust his partner enough to be with them. He said, “We just spoke and I was just honest with her. I said, ‘Look I don’t think I can continue this. It’s toxic, you’re not being honest with me. I can’t have a relationship with someone if they’re not honest with me.’”

Confirming the separation, Dan said, “Me and Jess have split, let’s get that straight. We have broken up.” He further added, “You live and learn… I have a lot of regret for some of the decisions I’ve made. The feeling is regret about ever meeting Jess.” Meanwhile, in an exclusive chat with The Sun in 2021, Jessika, too, had her story to tell, adding that she’d been left blindsided by Dan’s on-air breakup. She further shared that seven months after their split, Dan had gotten in touch with her in the hopes of rekindling their romance, but she declined.

After the former couple’s messy and highly publicized split, they both chose to move on in their lives. The two have since then mended their differences and are now on friendly terms. In 2020, Jessika started dating James Brown, but the couple separated within four months. After their split, she started dating Filip Poznanovic, her brother’s best friend. While the pair looked happy and content, their relationship, too, hit a dead-end. Sometime later, in 2021, she fell in love with Englishman Connor Thompson, leading her to relocate from Queensland to Manchester.

While the couple was going steady, they broke up in 2023, after two years of being together. In a candid Q and A on her social media, Jessika shared about identifying as bisexual. Currently, it is believed that Jessika is single. The starry influencer, who appeared in other reality shows like ‘Big Brother Australia’ and ‘Celebs Go Dating,’ is quite active on social media and keeps her fans well-updated on the happenings of her life. For her next reality stint, Jessika is going to feature in the series ‘Celebrity Ex On The Beach.’

Meanwhile, Dan started dating Amira Marotous in February 2021 and shared loved-up pictures of the couple on his social media. However, it isn’t clear if the couple are still together. The MAFS alum found himself embroiled in controversy after getting charged in a multi-million dollar telemarketing scam in 2021 and was set to stand trial. Dan mostly prefers spending time with his 8-year-old son Kash, his dog Teddy, his family, and friends and is often found posting snippets of his time with them.

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