Jiggaerobics on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

Anything these days can be made into a business. Whether it be a hobby or an idea you think is profitable. Though these ideas do definitely come to mind, a true entrepreneur is born when they make these ideas come to life. And if you are in need of a business boost of this sort, then ‘Shark Tank’ might just be the show to watch and a potential platform for you as well.

The show has a way of sitting with viewers who may not even be in business. It is able to naturally blend business with the curiosity of its viewers. Additionally so, be profitable for both the panelists and the entrepreneurs who appear on the show.

Jiggaerobics: Who Are They?

Ladonte Lotts started ‘Jiggaerobics’ in 2015. The company hosts dance fitness programs conducted by Lotts and other fitness coaches. Lotts is a certified fitness instructor who was inspired to start this business. The other instructors of the company are Xavier Barreda and Taylor Akharume. Lotts loved dancing since childhood. He has studied choreography and majored from Southern University and A&M College. Contrary to other dance workout videos and regimes, they want to build a brand on the culture they have to offer as well.

Jiggaerobics: What Do They Do?

‘Jiggaerobics’ uses ‘jiggin’ a hip-hop genre of dance popular to Baton Rouge. The idea of these exercises is to exert maximum muscle force in short time periods. It aims to increase power and endurance over time.


The company offers classes and organizes dance events in popular locations all through the south. The company website offers interested individuals to also book private events. If you prefer exercising from the comfort of your own home, then there are videos that can be streamed online from their official website. The subscription costs $ 9.99 a month.

The dance workout model aspires to influence people through their idea of a workout as a form of entertainment. For this, they try to sell this dance form as a rich cultural experience as well. At the moment, they offer live classes one can log on to at the mentioned time on their website.

All the trainers of the company give out a lot of energy as they even post short work out videos on their Instagram page. The trainers take turns to post their share of entertaining ‘jiggin’ to inspire one to get their daily dose of workouts. Taylor recently took it a step further as she posted a special quarantine work out routine with ‘Babyshark’ playing in the background. The company, in their dream to grow, also stay true to their motto, “We Get Lit While We Get Fit.”

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