Jillian Bashford: Where is Bashford Antiques Owner Now?

Jillian Bashford, the proprietor of an antique store in Auckland, New Zealand, became the focal point of a media uproar when a bizarre series of vehicle clamping incidents unfolded. This set the stage for a compelling narrative involving Michael Organ and journalist David Farrier, who was resolute in revealing Organ’s actions. Bashford takes center stage in Farrier’s documentary titled ‘Mister Organ’ and as a woman who is very difficult to understand as one does not know if she is a victim or an accomplice or both.

Who is Jillian Bashford?

Jillian Bashford, the owner of Bashford Antiques located at 24 Williamson Avenue in Auckland, New Zealand, encountered a predicament around 2016 when individuals began parking in her private car park, causing inconvenience. To address this issue, Michael Organ entered the scene. After her shop closed, Organ began clamping the vehicles of those who parked in the private space. He engaged in verbal assault, blocked vehicles with his car, and demanded exorbitant and unreasonable amounts of money. Organ persistently harassed individuals until they paid, at which point he released their cars. Although this practice was legally permissible on Bashford’s private property, journalist David Farrier, based in New Zealand, found it exploitative and harassing.


Farrier’s reveal of this practice gained significant online traction, drawing considerable attention. However, the journalist soon found himself inundated with emails from Bashford, who threatened severe legal action and served him with legal notices regarding the defamation of her store. Bashford openly acknowledged to the press that she had sanctioned the clamping, asserting its legality and within her rights. Undeterred, Farrier delved into the background of the man executing these actions, uncovering a troubling narrative about Organ. As depicted in the documentary, individuals who had crossed paths with Organ shared harrowing experiences of mental and emotional torment, detailing the manipulation they endured at his hands.

Farrier embarked on documenting his discoveries in a documentary, consistently meeting with Organ and Bashford, who were frequently seen together. Throughout the filming process, Bashford disclosed that she initially met Organ when he shopped at her store, and she regarded him as an absolute genius. When queried about their relationship, neither confirmed nor denied any romantic involvement. Farrier also interviewed Israel Evers, Bashford’s son, who remarked that his mother underwent a significant transformation since forming a companionship with Organ and had become nearly inseparable from him. Evers expressed concerns about Organ potentially manipulating his mother, echoing the apprehensions acknowledged by Farrier. Despite these fears, Jillian, as portrayed in the documentary, consistently stands by Organ, supporting him in various decisions.

Growing increasingly frustrated with what he perceived as constant dishonesty from Organ, Farrier sought a candid conversation with Bashford alone. However, a few days later, Organ charged Farrier with trespassing, abruptly cutting off all contact. Bashford, present at the meeting, sided with Organ’s stance, indicating that she might consider a one-on-one interview with Farrier at a later time. Unfortunately, this promise was never fulfilled, leaving Farrier feeling disillusioned with the lack of transparency in their interactions.

Jillian Bashford is Living Whanganui Now

In 2018, Bashford Antiques closed its doors for undisclosed reasons. Despite the closure, Jillian Bashford continues to serve her clients through online orders, as indicated by the active website for her store. Specializing in robust country and decorative painted pieces from Spain, France, Eastern Europe, and India, Jillian refurbishes these items with contemporary art and ceramics. Following the release of the documentary in 2022, she and Michael Organ gained attention and eventually relocated to Whanganui, New Zealand. The latest information suggests that they are still together, with Jillian occasionally setting up stalls at the city market. She has chosen to keep out of the public eye since then and leads a private life.

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