Where Are Jim Mordecai’s Kids Now?

Among the people featured in Max’s ‘The Truth About Jim,’ Jim Mordecai’s children share some of the most insightful stories that allow the viewers to understand the man in question. Having been married three times, Jim not only had biological kids but was also a stepfather to three. Each one of these people who found Jim to be a parental figure in their lives had a different kind of relationship with him.

Shannon Barter is Mending Her Relationship With Her Mother

We are starting off with Shannon Barter, whose daughter Sierra Barter actually led the investigations process held in the Max show. Since Mordecai’s passing in 2008, Shannon has been trying her best to reconnect with her mother, Judy Mordecai, who was Jim’s third wife. The mother and daughter had stopped communicating after a fight about a decade before Jim’s passing, and while there still seem to be issues that they still want to talk about, they seem to have done well for the most part.

Melissa Mordecai is a Mother of Two

Next, we have Melissa Mordecai, the eldest daughter of Jim Mordecai and Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Featured in the Max series, she opened up about her relationship with her father and even gave her a DNA sample in order to see if Jim might be connected to the Santa Rosa hitchhiker Murders. Now seemingly going by the name Melissa Quinlan, she has two children named Jackson and Cameron Quinlan. Melissa has also reconnected with Shannon Barter’s family, thanks to the investigation into Jim’s past and the revelations that came from the same.

Jaime Mordecai Prefers to Lead a Private Life

Let’s now talk about Jaime Mordecai, Melissa Mordecai’s younger sister, who bravely shared in the Max series how she had been sexually assaulted by her own. For the most part, the youngest daughter of Jim Mordecai and Jeanne Kirkpatrick prefers to lead a private life, but she does seem to have found solace in the company of her family members. She especially seems to have a close bond with her siblings, who are also featured in the show.

Christi Probst Is Now a Mother

Christi Probst, the eldest daughter of Jeanne Kirkpatrick, was about nine years old when Jim Mordecai became her stepfather in 1973. It was around the age of 13 that she was allegedly assaulted by Jim for the first time, but it was not the last. She confessed how she had feared that no one would believe her that her stepfather, who also happened to be her teacher, had assaulted her, especially when one such incident had happened on the school grounds. Though Christi has built a new life for herself and even has a son named Connor, she still finds herself struggling to fully understand just what had happened.

Michael Probst Now Lives in Palm Springs

Son to Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Micahel Probst was one person whom Sierra Barter confessed to having never met prior to the production of the Max series. Nevertheless, the information he shared with the world regarding his stepfather, Jim Mordecai, was certainly a chilling one. In the show, he recalled how Jim had taken him on a drive and pointed to a spot where a woman’s body had been discovered dead and nude. The incident remains stark in Michael’s memory, with every recollection only making him wonder more about the man who was once his stepfather. As of writing, Michael lives in Palm Springs, California, and remains happy to have connected with so many members of his extended family.

Melinda Mordecai is Living Away From The Limelight

Melinda Mordecai is the oldest child of Jim Mordecai, having been born in 1960. Her mother is Sharon Yeager, who was Jim’s high school sweetheart and had been married to him at the insistence of the Mordecai family after it was discovered that Sharon was pregnant with Melinda. Unlike the other siblings mentioned previously, Melinda did not appear in the Max show and has not spoken up publicly regarding her own interactions with her father. Sharon and Jim divorced in 1972 when Melinda was about 12 years old and was living in Santa Rosa, California.

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