Where Are Jim Parkman and Donald Watkins Today?

Netflix’s ‘Trial by Media’ is a docuseries that presents a bunch of sensational trials that received widespread media coverage. The show depicts how the media might have affected the outcome of these trials, thereby justifying its title. The fourth episode of the series revolves around the case of former HealthSouth corporation founder, Richard Scrushy who was accused of multiple charges of financial fraud.

The trial, as seen in the documentary, turns out to be one of the most melodramatic ones. It sees Scrushy’s lawyers resort to theatrics in order to sway the jury’s opinion. For instance, Jim Parkman breaks down at the time of closing arguments. However, his “performance” is trumped by Donald Watkins, who wraps the American flag around his body. So, where are these two men now?

Where is Donald Watkins Now?

The story of Donald Watkins stands in direct contrast to that of Jim Parkman. While the latter moved on, the former ran into some trouble of his own. To begin with, Watkins’ official website describes him as an “Attorney. Journalist. Entrepreneur.” The website mentions how he co-founded Nabirim Energy Services in 2011, Alamerica Bank in 2000, and serves as the chairman and CEO of the Masada Resource Group. He also has aspirations for purchasing a professional sports team. However, his ambitions and aspirations would have to wait.

Watkins was sentenced to a 60-month prison sentence in July of 2019. His son was also sentenced for a 27-month prison term. There were as many as ten counts, mainly related to financial fraud, including conspiracy, wire fraud, and bank fraud levied against Watkins. According to BizJournals, “from 2007 until at least 2014, Watkins Sr. persuaded investors to pay millions of dollars into a bank account controlled by Watkins Sr. by telling the investors their money would be used for specific purposes related to the international growth of two companies associated with the defendants. But prosecutors claimed the funds were directed for other uses, including the payment of personal tax obligations, personal loan payments, alimony, and clothing.”

Despite denying the allegations, Watkins was found guilty of all the counts. According to CBS42, Watkins was transferred to Talladega Federal Correction Institution.

Where is Jim Parkman Now?

Jim Parkman is a criminal defense lawyer and was one of the men who represented Scrushy in his trial. He is the one who broke down during the closing arguments of the case. Moreover, he was also the one who came up with the phrase, “No matter how thin you make it, there’s two sides to every pancake.” during the trial.

Born and raised in Alabama, Parkman graduated from Cumberland School of Law in 1979. According to Parkman’s LinkedIn profile, he is a partner at Boles Holmes Parkman White, which is based out of Birmingham, Alabama. His LinkedIn page also confirms the fact that Parkman stays in Birmingham, Alabama.

His biography on the official website of his company reads: “Jim is the lead trial attorney of Boles Holmes Parkman White, and works out of the firm’s Birmingham office. Jim has been rated as “AV Pre-eminent” by his legal peers through Martindale Hubbell, which is the highest possible rank and a testament to his revered status among other attorneys. He has also been rated a perfect 10 by lawyer rating service AVVO, named a “Top 100 Trial Attorney,” and featured in “Birmingham’s Best Attorneys.”

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