Jodi Rodgers From Love on the Spectrum: Everything We Know

Netflix has been coming out with one great reality series after another, especially in the genre of romance and dating. However, recently, instead of focusing on group dates or steamy romances, they have turned the tables to show us the actual reality of the dating world, to show us something that we see and experience for ourselves on an almost daily basis. With their newest release, ‘Love on the Spectrum,’ Netflix helps people on the autism spectrum explore the unpredictable and unprecedented world of dating, guiding them to a safe place in the hopes that they, too, can get their happily ever afters. And the one person who we saw working with them on a close basis was Jodi Rodgers.

Who Is Jodi Rodgers?

Jodi Rodgers was just described as a relationship expert on the series, one who specializes in working with people with disabilities, but she is much much more. Believing that everyone has a basic need for love and affection, no matter their age or neurological condition, she started an organization by the name of Birds and Bees for counseling, educating, and consulting. Having 25+ years of experience, she enables people having problems, and their caregivers, to have a greater understanding of their minds and the workings of the world so that they can reach their full potential and strive to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Jodi Rodger’s Career

Jodi is a qualified sexologist, counselor, and special education teacher. Throughout her life, she has worked not only in Australia but internationally as well, whether it be within intervention communities, in schools and colleges, or anywhere else. She just wants to raise awareness and help people in the area of both disability and sexual health. With her unparalleled combination of qualifications and experience, Jodi has been able to develop programs that make learning about the complex nature of these areas, both comfortable and extremely relevant.

She is accredited with the Office of the Children’s Guardian to counsel the young generation with sexualized behaviors of concerns, including that of offenses. She provides guidance to people with disabilities in all areas as well, whether it be body language, dating cues, or intimacy, which, of course, we all saw in the way she worked with both Michael and Kelvin on the series. For 12 years, Jodi worked as the Regional Manager for Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), but then, she moved to establish Birds and Bees and shifted her focus on therapy and education for the same.

She is a member of the Australian Counselors Association, of Society of Australian Sexologists, of Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse, and is an associate counselor for New South Wales Child Sex Offender Accredited Counselling Scheme. Jodi has dedicated her life to helping others. And, although the main focus of hers remains on sexual relationships, she also helps her clients build their self-esteem by enabling them to better understand emotions and feelings, of both themselves and of others.

Jodi Rodgers’ Personal Life

Even though Jodi is in the public eye because of her work and her appearances on television, she has done a great job in keeping her private life away from prying eyes. All we know is that her life began in Newcastle, New South Wales, but soon, she and her family moved to Tasmania and then Canberra, where she grew up and got her education. Jodi’s family right now is her daughter Sage, and a mob of people, her friends, who support her and guide her in whatever she wishes to do.

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