Joe Bradley: Below Deck Med Star Calls Spain Home Today

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ has introduced many individuals to the ‘Below Deck’ universe over its multiple seasons. Season 9 brought together a whole new batch of deckhands on board the Mustique, where they hosted different kinds of guests — some difficult to please and others leaving satisfied from the boat. Apart from dealing with the professional aspects of working in the hospitality industry, the cast members also let loose and get involved in personal relations with one another. One such individual is Joe Bradley, whose interesting personality caused a whole lot of drama on the yacht.

Joe Bradley is Originally From England

A native of Liverpool, England, Joe Bradley, was brought into the world by Karen Johnson, whom he described as “the most beautiful, kind, and powerful woman this world has to offer.” On December 8, 2014, Karen published her autobiography titled ‘Out of the Corner,’ in which she gave a detailed account of her life as a model and how she came out of the trauma that resided in her as a domestic violence survivor. He accompanied his mother on the book launch day and also got to meet the Lord Major of Liverpool.

From early on in his childhood, he developed an interest in motorbikes, which developed into a passion as he grew older. Around 2015, Joe decided to tread in his mother’s footsteps and began his modeling career. Described as a seasoned instrumentalist, he learned to play the guitar and piano. Apart from learning to speak Spanish fluently, Joe also went snowboarding on the famous mountain range of Spain’s Andalusian province of Granada — Sierra Nevada. Every year, he blows the birthday candles on March 18.

Joe Bradley Has Experience in the Yachting and Modeling Industry

With a total of three years of experience in the yachting industry, Joe Bradley got the opportunity to feature in ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’ Since his work involves a lot of traveling, he hardly gets to spend time with his loved ones back home. Out of everything, he claimed that he missed his mother the most when he was traveling for work. When he was asked to elaborate on the wildest charter story from his career, he revealed, “There was a Catamaran crash in Italy.”

He continued, “A huge Catamaran lost power and crashed against all the boats.” The conversation then got a little more personal when he was asked about the smallest tip he had ever received from his clients/customers. “I had a guy onboard who owned a nut packaging company, and I got a packet of nuts. They weren’t even salted,” he stated. Around 2022, he continued his modeling career by collaborating with the Jem City clothing brand.

Joe Bradley is Likely Single and Keeps Busy by Traveling

In the ninth season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean,’ Joe Bradley was involved with two co-deckhands — Elena Dubaich and Bri Muller. In the initial stages, he was seen getting closer to Elena. Later on, when she found out about the fact that he had spent time with Bri in the hot tub, he was confronted. From what we can tell, he is single and consistently on the move, traveling to different parts of the world, searching for new adventures, and focusing on himself. During his travels, Joe mostly spends time rock climbing and motorbiking.

A fan of mountains as well as the beach, Joe doesn’t seem to have a preference as he enjoys watching the sunset over the horizon every chance he gets. As much as he is into hiking and mountaineering, Joe also has an affinity for swimming and surfing in different oceans and seas across the world. Currently living in Spain, he has managed to visit various parts of the nation, mainly Calpe, and explored the Cala Moraig in June 2021. Besides that, he has traveled to England, the US, Puerto Rico, and Italy while looking forward to adventures in other countries.

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