John Fury: Where is Tyson Fury’s Dad Now?

Netflix’s ‘At Home With the Furys’ provides an insight into the life of famous boxer Tyson Fury and his close family members as they navigate various ups and downs of their respective lives. One of the most influential people in his life, who is also featured in the show, is his father, John Fury. Throughout the series, we see how John likes to stay close to his roots and has strong opinions about living life. For those curious about where he is these days, worry not because we have your back!

Who is John Fury?

Claiming descent from a family of Irish Travellers, John Fury was born in Tuam, Ireland. However, his father apparently shifted to Manchester, England, when John was four to look for work. Given his claims that his family has had many bare-knuckle fighters, it is easy to see why he decided to try his luck in boxing. John’s first match took place on April 28, 1987, when he fought against Adam Fogerty but ended up losing the game.

Counting his last match against Steve Garber on June 10, 1995, John participated in thirteen professional boxing matches in life, out of which he won eight, lost four, and drew one. Given that his sons Tyson and Tommy Furty have also followed in his footsteps to become a part of the boxing world, it is evident that he is pretty proud of them. Indeed, in the Netflix show, it is evident that John cares for them deeply and is actively involved in their professional lives.

In recent years, John has been involved in several controversies and arguments while trying to represent his sons, especially Tyson. The Netflix series also features the memorable incident between him and Jake Paul when he decided to fight for Tommy after the latter’s less-than-biased commentary. A man deeply in love with his heritage, the former boxer can often be found outside enjoying nature while living out of his camper.

That said, John also has a less-than-clean history of legal trouble. In 2011, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for attacking a man named Oathie Sykes over a grudge that started in 1999 in Cyprus. The assault left the latter blind in one eye, and he claimed that John also wanted to injure his other eye. The former boxer admitted to wounding Sykes with intent to cause grievous harm. However, John was released from jail in February 2015, two months before Tyson’s defeat of Wladimir Klitschko in Germany and becoming heavyweight champion of the world.

John Fury is Focusing on Family Today

As of writing, John Fury continues to live his life to the fullest and is actively involved in helping his sons, Tyson and Tommy, create a life for themselves. While the former has undoubtedly achieved a lot as a boxer, the latter has also continued to establish himself as a respectable player in the field. John takes pride in his role as the head of the Fury family and seems to have a good relationship with daughter-in-law Paris Fury and soon-to-be daughter-in-law Molly-Mae Hague. Already a grandfather to seven Furys, we are sure he is pretty excited to welcome Tyson’s seventh child into this world.

As for his professional life, John is affiliated with Gold Star Promotions and Events. In March 2022, he became a brand ambassador for Free Bets, a sports betting website based in the United Kingdom. His book, ‘When Fury Takes Over: My Bare-Knuckle Life,’ will be released in October 2023, though those interested can pre-order before that. Additionally, he often posts content on social media platforms like Instagram (over 338K followers). Thriving in his professional and personal life, we are optimistic that John is quite content and hope that he and his loved ones have a bright future ahead.

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