John Trochmann: Where is The Militia of Montana Founder Now?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that the millennial bug hysteria in the months leading up to the 21st century really did change the fabric of modern society in terms of unity. However, as carefully explored in HBO’s ‘Time Bomb Y2K,’ it also drove some other groups to take their extreme belief to another level – this includes militia, survivalism, as well as conspiracies. Amongst them was actually Militia of Montana founder John Trochmann— so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him as well as his current possible standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is John Trochmann?

It was back in January 1994 when Noxon, Montana, native John and his brother David founded the Militia of Montana as an unorganized group whose trust in the government had diminished. Yet it was the Waco Siege as well as the ensuing Oklahoma bombings, that really solidified their position owing to the way they brought alleged government-blaming theories to light. In fact, when the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment called an emergency conference to address their situation against militias, they clarified MoM made her pretty high up on that list.

That’s because although the primary goal of most militants and militant leaders is to have a proper defense mechanism based on protecting family and community, it also brings forth severe distrust. The sole reason for that is their beliefs, as also indicated in the documentary film through archival footage of him asserting he wouldn’t bring the war to the government, but they’d bring it to them. At this point, the organization was thriving owing to several new members thanks to the mess caused by the Oklahoma bombings, as marked by their mailing list.

We specify mailing list because since the Militia of Montana doesn’t have official leadership or membership or any clear form of hierarchy, John once said they used this to determine people’s interests. Then, in the ensuing years, he continued to turn several socio-cultural occurrences into an advantage for the group and promote people taking up firearms as a form of self-defense. He actually allegedly did this during the Y2K millennial bug and then later sparked some conspiracy theories on 9/11 as well as the 2007 financial crisis – yet he was never deemed responsible.

The only time John was arrested was actually in 1995 itself, when he, alongside three others, entered a courthouse and tried to file a claim protecting someone’s house from the Internal Revenue Service. It turned out he’d earlier attended a terrorism seminar at this person’s home and that their plan was also to kidnap, try, and hang a judge, all the while videotaping the proceedings. “I am labeled a terrorist, but I’ve tried to expose terrorism in the federal government,” he once said. “Everything we’ve looked at in the government has got corruption in it.”

John Trochmann Leads a Quiet Life Today

From what we can tell, in the years to follow, John has made several controversial claims like the United Nations advancing a system of “biosphere reserves” with limited human access or environmentalists convincing African leaders to let their citizens starve to death instead of ripening crop borders, but it all worked out. So today, following some incredible success as well as a few down lows, it appears as if John is now nearing the age of 80 and is leading an incredibly quiet life in Montana. He seemingly prefers to keep both the personal and professional details of his life well away from the limelight these days.

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