Jonathan Capps: Blown Away Artist is a Proud Father Today

The art of glassblowing is fascinating to watch, especially when a passionate artist gives it their all to bring their vision to life. In Netflix’s ‘Blown Away,’ various participants compete against each other to create glass pieces that are certain to leave you in awe. Among those who showcased their talent in the fourth season of the series, Jonathan Capps started his run strong and left a huge impact on the viewers.

Jonathan Capps’ Time on the Show Started With a Bang

When he entered the Netflix show, Jonathan Capps was determined to establish himself as one of the frontrunners of the competition. His quest started off on a good note when he was declared the top performer in the first task given to the season 4 participants of the show. For this task, the contestants had to utilize any two special techniques and show off just what they were capable of. Jonathan indeed rose to the occasion with a stunning piece depicting a baseball and bat.

Following his impressive start, Jonathan was determined to recreate the moment of being declared the best. He continued to work hard in every challenge and showcased excellent teamwork when working alongside Morgan Peterson during the third challenge. However, while Jonathan’s work continued to impress the judges and the viewers, the top position continued to evade him for the next several challenges, though he remained determined to do his best.

In the eighth round of the competition, when Jonathan was part of the Top 4, he and his fellow artists were tasked with creating two cohesive pieces, one of which had to hand form the ceiling while the other had to be on a pedestal. Jonathan decided to make a bowl of falling spaghetti, where the bowl and the food were part of one piece while a glass spoon hung from above. Though the judges found the colors not so vibrant and proportions just a bit off, they were quite impressed by the techniques and detailing, making him the best performer in the round for the second time in the season.

Jonathan went on to be a part of Top 3, where the contestants had to complete two tasks, each one of which was centered around the Venetian Style of glassblowing. He ended up winning the first 30-minute task of making a drinking vessel, which earned him 20 extra minutes for the second round. While Jonathan gave everything he had to win the competition, his piece did not seem to impress the judges as much as the others, leading to his elimination.

Where is Jonathan Capps Now?

Though Jonathan Capps was eliminated in the penultimate round of the Netflix competition, he successfully made a name for himself thanks to the show. Though making glass pieces is undoubtedly something that he finds solace in, it seems like Jonathan also enjoys teaching others about the art. Since 2013, he has been affiliated with The Ohio State University, first as a Graduate Teaching Associate before becoming a University Lecturer in August 2016.

Additionally, Jonathan is the proud owner of the JC Glassmaker brand. Through the business, he likes making contemporary glass pieces that a person can use as glassware at home. Recently, the company announced that it would be launching a new website and shop for its customers. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Jonathan also serves as a Gallery Assistant for Hawk Galleries, having obtained the position in September 2016.

Through social media, Jonathan also enjoys sharing pictures and videos of his work on social media. He has been happily promoting the Netflix show as well and has thanked his wife, Lindsay, for pushing him into participating in the competition after he had narrowly missed being a part of the series during season 3. Though Jonathan does not often share details of his personal life, it is easy to see that he adores his wife, son, and daughter.

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