Ryan Thompson: Blown Away Season 4 Finalist is Now an Instructor

As seen in Netflix’s ‘Blown Away‘ season 4, Ryan Thompson is one of the most talented glassblowers who easily wowed the world with his skills. The pieces he made throughout his time on the reality show reflected not only his vision but also his knowledge when it came to the delicate and hauntingly beautiful art of glassblowing. Not only did he always try to adhere to the parameters given, but he also never missed a chance to give the projects his undeniable personal touch. Having bagged a position in the finale of the series, he has only gained more followers who are quite invested in what has happened in his life since.

Ryan Thompson Showcased His Fine Skills

Ryan Thompson’s time on the Netflix show was full of excitement and learning. Skilled in the priced Venetian style of glassblowing, he had always been one of the frontrunners in the competition. Using his steady and delicate hands, Ryan was known for creating pieces that few might be able to make, with patterns, color choices, and embellishments that spoke of his signature style. For the first two rounds of the competition, though, he was not able to bag the top position despite being praised for his work.

For the third round, Ryan paired with Ryan Blythe to create a nature-inspired vertical installation. The duo’s take on mushrooms that seemed to weave through the vertical glass panel made the judges quite appreciative of their work, though the color scheme and number of mushrooms seemed a bit underwhelming to them. For the fourth round, Ryan continued to wow the judges and remained away from the possibility of being eliminated, though his best was apparently yet to come.

When the time came for the contestants to make candy and other sweet treats with vibrant colors, Ryan created a striking blue suckers and gave it the effect that it was melting. The size and realistic nature of his work allowed him to earn his first spot in the series. Ryan would continue his streak in the second round when he got to choose which contestant would receive which drawing made by children. His own interpretation of a snake in a hat allowed him to bag the first position once more.


Thanks to his skills, Ryan continued on in the competition until round 9, when he was part of the top 3 and was certainly looking forward to the Venetian-style competition. However, as luck would have it, his first take of making a drinking vessel in thirty minutes ended in a less-than-ideal way when the cup itself shattered minutes before the piece could be cooled. Nevertheless, he focused on the second round of the competition, where he had to make yet another vessel. While the judges appreciated his fine skills when it came to creating the skeletal key that was part of his work, the lack of colors underwhelmed them.

Nevertheless, Ryan was now part of the final two and had to compete against Morgan Peterson. The two artists were given 10 hours to make an installation of their own. Ryan deicded to make an all-black installment with a large pendulum in the center that would be making patterns on a platter of sand. The result was an alluring art piece that almost seemed hypnotic when a person decided to move the heavy and impressive pendulum. Even though he did not get the first position in the competition, Ryan remained happy that he was able to show the world just what he could do.

Where is Ryan Thompson Now?

Presently, Ryan Thompson has continued to wow the world with his glass creations. As he shared on the Netflix show, his primary focus remains on drinking vessels, which he makes in all shapes and sizes, much to the joy of his admirers. However, his range remains as vide and vibrant as ever. Holder of the 2014 NICHE Award for the dedication he showcased as a student of Bowling Green State University, Ryan is now based in Toledo, Ohio.

In the past, Ryan has worked for establishments like Firenation Glass Studio and Gallery, the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion, and Gathered Glassblowing. However, as of writing, he is affiliated with Greenfield Village Glass Shop. While creation remains one of the reality TV star’s biggest passions, he also seems dedicated to teaching others the craft of glassblowing. In fact, in the past, he was offered a class titled Embracing Failure in collaboration with the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion, and he remains ever-dedicated to passing on the skills he has learned with much diligence.

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