Jonathan Nørmølle: Where is the Former SERHANT Agent Now?

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ showcases the luxury and glamour experienced by the real estate agents at SERHANT while highlighting the hard work and dedication required to succeed in the industry. Jonathan Frank Nørmølle, one of the youngest and brightest agents at the company, captivated audiences with his savvy and forward-thinking approach. However, his confidence was often perceived as arrogance, stirring significant drama. The highs and lows of his journey were compelling to watch, leaving viewers eager to see how he has continued to challenge himself since the series concluded.

Jonathan Nørmølle Was Asked to Leave SERHANT

From the moment he appeared on screen, Jonathan Nørmølle commanded attention with his distinctive presence. Covered in tattoos and riding bikes, he introduced himself as a new-age real estate agent. He emphasized that today’s clients with new money are young people who prefer dealing with someone who looks and talks like him rather than adhering to traditional business norms. Jonathan took great pride in his accomplishments in his brief time in the industry. Even Ryan recognized his knack for business and the fresh perspective he brought.

Things took a downturn for Jonathan when he attended a listing viewing and promised to bring a client but failed to follow through. The firm’s listing agent informed Ryan that Jonathan had been dismissive. Ryan had already received complaints about Jonathan criticizing other agents on a podcast. When Jonathan fumbled a deal, it was the final straw for Ryan. He called Jonathan and told him that despite his talent, he would have to take it elsewhere as his principles no longer aligned with the company’s.

Jonathan Nørmølle is a Business-Owner Today

Jonathan Nørmølle worked at SERHANT from October 2022 until October 2023, which provided him with a platform to hone his skills and improve in the business. While at the company, he enjoyed meeting new people and indulging in a great work culture, but ultimately felt it wasn’t the right fit for him. In October 2023, he launched his own real estate company, NextGen. He aims to revolutionize the industry through NextGen by combining AI and social media tactics to drive sales and impress his clients. The company collaborates with Highline Residential, where Jonathan is a Sales and Marketing Specialist. With these two firms, Jonathan aims to transform the art of salesmanship.

Jonathan has been working as a real estate broker since 2018. The Danish New Yorker has cultivated an image marked by his outgoing personality, strong work ethic, and complete availability to his clients. A staunch proponent of a lifestyle where work takes up all his time, Jonathan believes that work-life balance doesn’t exist for him—his work is his life. This mindset and relentless persistence helped him achieve over $100M in sales in 2022. He now specializes in luxury homes, new developments, and investment properties, catering to crypto titans, artists, and celebrities domestically and abroad.

Jonathan’s hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed. He was featured on the cover of Downtown Magazine’s “Next-Gen Agent” Winter Issue, a testament to his innovative approach and remarkable achievements in the real estate industry. Since he departed from SERHANT, Jonathan has amassed a collection of lavish listings for his firm. Notable properties include those in prestigious locations like SoHo House, Cobble Hill, and even Hawaii.

Jonathan Nørmølle Has Been Honored With Many Awards

In February 2024, Jonathan Nørmølle was invited to speak at a session organized by New York Build, owing to his extensive experience and success. During the session, he shared insights into his work structure, emphasizing how he makes his clients feel comfortable and valued. He also spoke about his loyalty to his work, describing how he consistently puts himself out there and works around the clock to ensure his longevity in the cutthroat business of real estate. In March 2024, Jonathan was honored at the Red Awards with the Most Influential Broker of the Year Award. During his acceptance speech, he reiterated the power of personal style and influence in making successful sales, sharing valuable insights and words of wisdom with the audience.

Jonathan has meticulously built his digital platform as a strong social media proponent. He boasts an impressive 439k followers on Instagram, which he uses to showcase the properties he is listing and to build his brand. He also has a YouTube channel where he airs podcasts featuring other real estate moguls and pioneers from various industries. These podcasts cover self-motivation, the journey to success, and personal development. His engaging and visually appealing content attracts potential buyers and strengthens his reputation in the market, helping his business thrive.

Jonathan Nørmølle is a Happily Married Man

Jonathan Nørmølle had long been dating Devon Nørmølle, and in September 2023, he tied the knot with her. She thrives in retail and is currently an Assistant Accounts Executive in the Women’s Domestic Wholesale department for rag & bone. Devon has an impressive career history, having worked as a Stylist at GQ Magazine, and her career continues to take her to new heights.

The couple arranged a simple and elegant wedding in Denmark, a testament to their love and mutual respect. Devon is incredibly proud of how Jonathan built his business and now “owns Manhattan.” They have settled in the Seaport District, New York, where they enjoy their well-deserved success. Relaxing evenings for the couple typically involve Jonathan winding down and humming some tunes on his piano, followed by long walks along the river, hand in hand. They take immense pride in the life they have built together and eagerly anticipate the future, excited to uncover what lies ahead.

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