Oliver “Oli” Hamilton’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Real Estate Agent?

While there’s no denying Oliver “Oli” Hamilton has had his fair share of ups and downs in his personal life, he has seemingly always been one to trust as a professional real estate agent/advisor. That’s because his ways are a bit old-school, he has sound judgment when it comes to career decisions, plus there’s the pure British charm that makes him approachable and thus successful. This much has actually been evidenced in Netflix’s ‘Buying London,’ a realty-reality drama revolving around those hanging their licenses at DDRE Glo bal under the renowned Daniel Daggers.

How Did Oli Hamilton Earn His Money?

It was reportedly back when Oli was merely a young boy growing up in Chelsea and Kensington that he first developed an interest in property communication, only for it to continue expanding. Therefore, of course, as soon as he graduated high school at the age of 18, he enrolled at the University of Reading to study real estate before eventually graduating from Oxford Brookes University. He has actually also expressed, “I got into it, though, personally because first and foremost, I enjoy working with people — different people, varied people — and this industry is all about that.”

Oliver further added in his About Me video on DDRE Global’s website: “I love working with beautiful places. I love the city that I work in. So, with all of that combined, real estate called to me.” He, hence, immediately jumped into the workforce and gradually rose the ranks until he got an incredible opportunity to run a high-end, super-prime brokerage in Kengiston for over seven years. This was followed by his decision to launch his own company for private clients across the globe, just to ultimately shut down its doors (within three years) so as to join Daniel Daggers’ thriving team.

Oli Hamilton’s Net Worth

To actually figure out Oli’s precise net worth, we first have to consider some critical aspects of both his personal and professional experiences, including his commission income over the years, his financially secure background, plus his opulent married lifestyle. The truth is he has been advising on the sales of high-end/super-prime residential estates averaging at roughly £8 million for over 15 years as of writing; so with the market commission rate being 3% (which gets divided between the agents and then their respective brokerages), he takes home around £100,000 per deal.

Assuming Oli closes at least 5-10 such contracts per year, his net income through commission alone falls between £500,000 and £1 million before taxes or any additional adjustments. Then, under the belief he has managed his finances well over the years in the form of savings as well as investments (nearly 50%), his return on these with accumulated interest means additional funds. Therefore, per our best estimates, following an average of his commissions over 15 years, his savings/investments, plus 5% in returns, Oli Hamilton’s net worth is in the range of £15 million, which equals $19 million.

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