Lauren Christy’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Realtor?

Although a proud native of South Africa through and through, Lauren Christy’s ambition of being a successful real estate agent landed her in London, England, in 2021. Though, as explored in Netflix’s ‘Buying London,’ she could’ve never expected she’d end up not just coming across but also actually befriending renowned industry professional Daniel Daggers within months. It thus comes as no surprise that when the time came for him to launch his own global brokerage for the sale of super prime residential estates across the globe, one of the first agents he hired was the one he trusted the most, Lauren.

How Did Lauren Christy Earn Her Money?

It was reportedly back in 2011 when Lauren graduated from the AAA School of Advertising in Sandton, South Africa, with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, Marketing, as well as Related Support Services. She then immediately jumped into the workforce to provide a good life for herself, that is, until she realized in 2017 that her calling was in the real estate industry owing to her passion for beautiful homes, design, plus human communication and connection. Therefore, in October 2017, she joined 5th Avenue Properties in Cape Town as a Property Consultant, only to then evolve into an agent at Lance Real Estates in 2020.

The truth is, it was in the summer of 2021 when Lauren relocated to England to expand her wings further, just to get her first job as a Senior Lettings Negotiator at Chestertons in South Kensington within weeks. Little did she know her friend would poach her in a mere year and three months to join his firm, (Daniel Daggers Real Estate) DDRE Global, which she gladly would owing to the opportunities it offered. And it was here that she managed to grow into one of the best agents thanks to her bubbly personality and negotiation skills combined with outright transparency.

Lauren Christy’s Net Worth

Before we can even delve into Lauren’s precise net worth, we need to look into her exact commission earnings, luxurious lifestyle, as well as any added probable expenses or investments. First things first, since it appears as if Lauren has primarily only focused on super prime properties across the globe in her six years of experience, her average sales are now close to £15 million. That’s because although she started with deals of around £500,000, she has now closed sales on homes valued as high as £27.8 million, and it appears as if she even has a few more £20 million+ homes in her listings, along with many seemingly valued at £7 million or £8 million.

Therefore, with 3% market commission rates, which get divided between the seller agent, the buyer agent, and then their respective brokerages, Lauren’s commission income is likely £190,000 per deal. Then, assuming she closes at least 5-10 such contracts per year, her net income comes to just short of roughly £1-2 million before any additional taxes, expenses, or adjustments. But then, if we also assume she has managed her finances well over the years taxes in the form of savings as well as investments (nearly 50%), her return on these could be up to 5%. So, per our best estimates, Lauren’s net worth following years of experience is close to £14 million, which is $18 million.

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