Daniel Daggers’ Net Worth: How Rich is the DDRE Global Founder?

Daniel Daggers has been a trailblazer in the real estate industry ever since he first stepped foot in it at the age of 17 in 1997. This much has actually even been explored in Netflix’s ‘Buying London,’ a reality drama delving deep into not just the workings of his brokerage, DDRE Global, but also the lives of its agents. It, thus, comes as no surprise he has attained a lot of recognition, respect, as well as wealth over the years, especially considering his unwavering ambition at every step of the way.

How Did Daniel Daggers Earn His Money?

Daniel was merely a young boy when he first developed a keen interest in the world of properties, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. He, hence, decided to join the workforce as soon as he graduated from the Jewish mixed comprehensive JFS school in Kenton, North London and became a Sales Associate at Vickers & Company. According to his own account, it was here that he learned the ropes of maintaining client relationships, marketing strategies, valuing, renting, and selling residential estates.

Little did Daniel know that following a decade of hard work, he’d evolve into an Associate for the highly renowned property management company/real estate consultancy Knight Frank. His role here involved dealing in the high-end market not just in London but also overseas, which quickly enabled him to get a promotion to Partner and begin dabbing in super-prime estates. This was followed by him becoming a Private Office Partner in 2015 — a position he loyally held right until his split with the organization in 2019 as he gradually wished to be more independent.

Daniel once said, “[My departure from Knight Frank] was a really difficult time and, of course, a disappointing way to have concluded 12 years of my life’s dedication, especially after having achieved so much for both the business and for myself. But evolution is sometimes hard to deal with and can lead to friction… Years on, it has only served to reinforce my belief in what I am doing and drive me forward. The move freed me to really pursue what I knew was the future and the experience itself prepared me for bigger challenges, obstacles and of course opportunities.”

After all, it was in March 2020 that Daniel established Daniel Daggers Real Estate (or DDRE) from his kitchen table to continue working in super-prime real estate, just to later rebrand to DDRE Global. This brokerage truly lives up to its name by enabling him as well as his agents to deal in properties across the world — whether the UK, Dubai, France, etc. — all the while giving them stable footing. That’s because this renowned central London-based entrepreneur is a proud mentor, too; in fact, for this, he has since even launched the Daniel Daggers Academy of Real Estate for newcomers.

“Bringing the Daniel Daggers Academy into fruition has without a doubt been a passion project,” Daniel has expressed. “…We are building the academy out so that it can support agents and service providers in their careers. It will look to give them the skillset and confidence to tackle obstacles, whether that be how to best negotiate, through to how a UNHWI thinks and how to build and create a community over multiple digital channels.” Moreover, it’s imperative to note this realtor pioneered the use of social media within the industry by recognizing how they’re a channel for both a source of information plus global network building.

Daniel has also asserted, “Hard work pays. I worked my way up from a work experience placement at a local estate agency all the way to where I am now. If you’ve the commitment and tenacity, I truly believe that you can achieve success. Putting the client and customer at the centre of your service is also a core ethos I’ve learnt over the years, whilst understanding that in every market there lies an opportunity, and even more so in tougher markets. Throughout my [26-year] career I’ve learnt to be able to identify and seize these opportunities to my advantage.”

Daniel Daggers’ Net Worth

Before we get to Daniel’s precise net worth, we have to consider some specific aspects of his commission income, overall lifestyle expenses, and probable investments/return on investments. The truth is this Spear’s UK Property Advisor of the Year Award Recipient has advised on more than £5.5 billion worth of residential properties in 26 years, including record-breaking transactions amounting to £100 million on some of the world’s most luxurious homes. So, with an average commission rate of 2% owing to the incredible value of his deals, the estimate of his total earnings is £110 million, and the estimate of his annual earnings (divided by 26) is £4,230,770.

Then, assuming Daniel has always managed his finances well by saving a portion of his personal earnings and making various kinds of investments, we can take this particular figure to be 50%. In other words, it’s likely he didn’t use nearly £2 million of his yearly revenue to pay for his extravagant life or day-to-day expenses, resulting in him perhaps gaining 5% as an annual return on investments. This makes his estimated net worth fall in the range of £175 million upon adding interests as well, which means Daniel Daggers’ estimated net worth is close to $220 million.

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