Jordan and Randi From Extreme Sisters: All We Know About the Duo

A bond between sisters is truly unbreakable, but what happens when they take it too far, and it becomes difficult for them to lead separate lives? TLC’s ‘Extreme Sisters’ explore this theme which centers on sisters who take their relationship to the extremes. One such sister duo is the “Country Chic Sisters,” Jordan Clement and Randi Clement, who have shared everything together. They don’t shy away from having heartfelt conversations in the bath or giving each other homemade spa treatments. Let’s have a closer look into the lives of Jordan and Randi and find everything we know.

Jordan and Randi’s Family and Background

Jordan and Randi Clement were born in Texas and share their birthday on April 23. They come from a loving family and grew up with all the love in the world. Born to Jo Lane, a proud mother of twins Jordan and Randi and her other adorable pug twins, Meaty and Pudgy. Jordan and Randi grew up doing everything together, starting from getting their hair dyed and cut the same way to sharing outfits. The twins are incredibly fit and are best friends and sisters, even at the gym. Though not much is known about the father of the twins, it is likely that he is still in the picture just off social media.

Jordan and Randi’s Profession

For a very long time, Jordan and Randi were the state cheerleaders and had a very smooth run in cheerleading. We are uncertain if they have continued their careers in cheerleading since the twins have kept their professional life private. However, the twins have significant cheerleading credits to them, where they have cheered on huge sporting events such as the Super Bowl and NFL.

Jordan and Randi’s Husbands

As we mentioned above, the ‘Extreme Sisters,’ Jordan and Randi, do everything together, and the same applies to their romantic relations. They are currently married to the Clement twins, Derek and Daniel. While Randi and her husband Derek got married more recently on May 27, 2022, Jordan and her husband Daniel celebrated their forever bond in November 2021.

Jordan and Daniel started their journey afresh in their new house in Spring Branch, Houston, where they moved in December 2021, shortly after their marriage day. We wish the twins and their twinning husbands the best in their married life and all their future endeavors.

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