Christina and Jessica From Extreme Sisters: Everything We Know

‘Extreme Sisters’ is a reality series by TLC that explores the relationship between five pairs of sisters who are inseparable to the point of obsession. Their unconventional bond is so intense that, at times, it gets in the way of other relationships in their lives. One such sister duo is Christina and Jessica, the “psychic sisters,” who have shared everything together, including their pregnancy and divorce.

The twins are so extremely close that they reportedly sniff each other’s period blood to get their periods in sync, which they believe would result in the release of pheromones. Let’s explore the bond shared between these two sisters and find out everything we know.

Christina and Jessica’s Age, Family, and Background

The “psychic sisters,” Christina and Jessica, turned 40 as of writing, and they have shared everything since they shared a womb. The sisters explained in an interview that their bond became stronger owing to the lack of having a happy childhood. Problems in their family made the sisters become each other’s rock and have stayed that way.

Their mother reportedly passed away after battling cancer for months. In an interview, the sisters revealed that they had predicted their mom’s death, along with the outcomes of their romantic connections. The sisters live only a mile from each other in Gig Harbor, Washington, and are very involved in each other’s lives.


Christina and Jessica’s Profession

Christina and Jessica are both Intuitive Psychics and Reiki Healers by profession. They have been in the same field as their mother, who is also a psychic and has passed her knowledge and ability onto her daughters. The sisters were discovered by the network after Bodega Productions stumbled upon their videos on YouTube that involves reiki charging their food.

The sisters have also published their book, ‘Charge Your Food, Change Your Life,’ where they share their knowledge and benefits of reiki charging one’s food which they believe is a great way to get rid of long-term diseases and have other health benefits. While Jessica is an Intuitive Love Coach, Christina is an Intuitive Life Coach. Their run a joint website by the name ‘Jesstina’ that explores more about their professional field and how you can book a session with them.

Christina and Jessica’s Dating/Married Life and Kids

Christina and Jessica also revealed that their relationship had caused several problems in their romantic associations, and dating life has been hard for them. However, they have never allowed any man or friend to cause rifts between the sisters, who share an unbreakable bond. We don’t know much about their respective past marriages, as the sisters — who got married and divorced at the same time — haven’t shared anything about the same, except the fact that it wasn’t meant to be.

Christina is a mother to Maddox and Maelyn, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Tristan Manning. She is also expecting a child with athlete John Zloty. Meanwhile, Jessica is single and focusing her energy on her kid, Preston, from her previous marriage to Mike. Initially, it didn’t seem like Jessica liked the fact that Christina was spending so much time with John, and she apparently ended up saying pretty harsh things to him, as seen on the show. However, after her appearance in season 1, she eventually understood the situation and made peace with the fact that John is going to be around them.

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