Jordan Hurt: Where is the SERHANT Real Estate Agent Now?

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ is a reality docuseries about Ryan Serhant, the owner of the New York-based real estate agency SERHANT. Apart from Ryan, the show also follows various real estate agents working at the firm. One of the agents who caught the viewers’ attention was Jordan Hurt, a close associate of Ryan, with whom he has had experience of working for more than seven years. The real estate agent has left quite a mark on the industry through his skills and experience, making him a fascinating figure in the eyes of the viewers.

Jordan Hurt Came to New York City And Made His Dreams Come True

Born in June 1988 and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Jordan Hunt was part of a supposedly loving household, receiving much love from his grandmother. While growing up, her support pushed him to follow his dreams and become the man he is today. Although he was devoid of a father figure in his early days, his father came into his life later on. After completing his studies, Jordan decided to pack his belongings into three suitcases, get on a train in the middle of the night, and become a part of the hustle and bustle of New York City in 2011. He relocated to the Big Apple without any job or money, just a dream and his determination to turn it into reality.

To kickstart his career, he earned his Real Estate Sales Associate certificate from NYREI. Once he became eligible to work in the real estate industry, he landed a job at The Corcoran Group, where he worked in the Real Estate Sales department for over two and a half years, from September 2012 to February 2015. After his impressive stint at The Corcoran Group, he was offered the job of being the Executive Assistant to Ryan Serhant at Nest Seekers International in March 2015, and he accepted it, hoping to learn the ropes with an expert in the industry in the process. Jordan became Ryan Serhant’s longest-serving assistant, working with him for over five years.

During COVID-19, Jordan Took a Break From Work and Traveled the World

In December 2019, during his trip to Costa Rica, Jordan realized that he needed a break from his job and the fast-paced life of New York City. So, upon returning to NYC, he made plans to visit different parts of the globe throughout the year. Despite the entire world getting locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he found a way to go through with his travel itinerary. Starting from July 2020, he embarked on a journey across the world, during which he traveled to countries like England, France, and Spain. He has also been to Turkey, Morocco, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, and Greece. He told the New York Post that he had been taking the necessary precautions against the virus.

“Every single place I go, I wear a mask … and I wear a mask every day on the streets. At the end of the day, I come in peace. I’m coming to experience different cultures and experience different beautiful landmarks … I’m not coming to be some fool out here,” Jordan said. He further elaborated on his experience of traveling the world during such a time, saying, “(Coronavirus) has presented me with challenges and obstacles along the way, but in a way it kind of adds to the adventure. In the meantime, I’m out seeing the world.” Having a fresh perspective on the world after his travels, he was called back by Ryan Serhant in April 2021, but this time to work with him as a Licensed Salesperson at his new real estate firm, SERHANT.

Jordan Stays Busy Selling Millions of Dollars Worth Properties in NYC For SERHANT

In March 2024, Jordan Hurt suffered a huge loss when his beloved grandmother passed away. The SERHANT employee shares an amicable bond with his father, and he even wished him a happy Father’s Day publicly through a social media post. Having been a hardcore fan of Kittie, an all-women rock band, for years, Jordan was elated when they released their new album titled ‘Fire’ in June 2024. He even took to social media and expressed what the band and their latest album mean to him. He wrote, “It’s finally here! Anyone that knows me knows how much this band means to me. We have grown up together, been through highs and lows, and are undoubtedly family. Kittie is in my blood.”

Jordan added, “For those who don’t know, Kittie blazed the trail for female metal musicians and quite literally changed the game in their genre at a very young age. They are icons. I am so proud of them for coming back with a vengeance after over a decade of being away. They are finally getting the credit they deserve. This album is a masterpiece and encapsulates everything that is incredible about this band. The lyrics, hooks, melodies, vocals, guitar, drums, bass, and overall production is just out of this world. ‘Fire,’ to me, is about strength and resilience and is absolutely the soundtrack to this current time in my life. I AM FIRE.”

Being a sociable person, Jordan loves to attend social gatherings, such as concerts and parties. Moreover, he regularly volunteers at the New York City LGBTQ Center. The real estate agent regularly hops on his bike and cycles through the bustling streets of the Big Apple. When he is not busy selling properties, he likes playing guitar and spending time with his family, friends, and little French bulldog. Enjoying life as a licensed salesperson at SERHANT, he continues to strive for more great things in life by moving up the ranks in the company as well as in the cutthroat real-estate industry.

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