Jordan Levoux: Squid Game Player 222 is Now a Model

Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ is a series full of so many turns and twists that even a seemingly inconsequential decision can lead to a crucial outcome. While making alliances and being good at the presented challenges are essential to winning the show, luck and sheer randomness of the show are elements one can hardly ignore. Hence, every step you take should be thought about hard and fast, just in case it might lead to some reward.

Consider the case of Jordan Levoux, AKA Player 222, whose single decision helped him avoid one of the biggest challenges without any negative consequences. Given the odd number of contestants at the time that the competitors were presented with a picnic in season 1, Jordan humbly decided to eat on his own. Luckily for him, every pair had to take part in the game of Marbles while he automatically passed the game, though that does not mean that the game did not catch up with him after that. Now, people are curious about just where the contestant is these days.

Where is Jordan Levoux Now?

Having taken part in the Netflix series at the age of 29, Jordan Levoux’s on-screen journey was certainly a unique one. His primary motivation to win the prize was his wish to help his mother, Tatianja, with retirement. Additionally, he had hoped to use his potential winnings to gain some new surfboards, further his knowledge of dancing, and treat his friends. Though his dream to win the show did not come true, the reality TV star did share some insight about himself on the show, explaining his reasons behind being okay with eating on his own.

“I don’t mind, you know, having a picnic by myself,” Jordan had explained prior to the revelation of just what the picnic actually entailed. “I’m an only child. I’m a pretty solitary guy. I’m happy to take a risk. I feel like you never know what’s gonna happen.” His gamble certainly paid off, given what happened next. Unfortunately, when it came time for the Top 20 players to be chosen among the remaining 31, Jordan was not picked by those already saved.

Presently, Jordan is based in Sydney, Australia, and is part of the service industry as a barista. He also serves as a swimming teacher and seems quite partial to water-based activities like surfing. The reality TV also works as a model and is actually affiliated with FiveTwenty Model Management, a boutique modeling agency in Sydney. Thanks to the partnership between the two, Jordan got the opportunity to actually be featured in The Perfect Man magazine in February 2023. When not working, he can be found enjoying quality time with his friends and family.

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