Jordan Mendoza Plays Felix in Neon. Here’s Everything We Know About Him.

Netflix’s ‘Neon‘ beautifully combines the pursuit of big dreams with the harsh realities of the highly competitive music scene. In a story that follows the journey of three friends who move from a small Florida town to Miami, aiming to find success in the reggaeton music industry. Jordan Mendoza portrays the beloved character of Felix, Santi’s socially awkward but creatively talented director. His performance has captured the attention of many viewers, and if you’re interested in learning more about him, we have all the details. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Boston-born Jordan Mendoza is Asian-American

Born on June 19, 1993, in Boston, Massachusetts, Jordan Mendoza’s early life details are relatively unknown. He initiated his comedy career in New York City and served as a contributor to Comedy Central’s Creator’s Program. He was also part of the Made in NY Writer’s Room, where he honed his comedy writing skills. Mendoza began to gain recognition through his engaging sketches and videos on social media, setting the stage for more significant opportunities in the entertainment world.

Jordan Mendoza is also a Comedian and Filmmaker

In 2015, Jordan Mendoza made his television debut with a role in the TV series ‘Dumb Video,’ marking his entry into the entertainment world. By 2018, he was actively involved in various projects, wearing the hats of both a writer and an actor. He had a guest appearance in one episode of ‘You Didn’t Want To Know’ and participated as an actor in the mini-series ‘Every Damn Sketch Show,’ for which he was also a writer. In the same year, he contributed as a writer to two additional projects titled ‘Every Damn Day’ and ‘Mini Mocks,’ and also made a small appearance in the latter. In 2019, Jordan Mendoza took on the roles of both a writer and a lead actor in ‘Comedy Central – As Seen ON CC’.

Jordan’s journey in acting continued to evolve as he portrayed the character of the Spelling Bee Boy in ‘The Magic of Giving Up’ and did a small role in ‘Addiction Busters’. Additionally, he made appearances in three episodes of ‘Eva vs. Anxiety’. He served as a host and creator for the TV series ‘Cry Battle,’ which was a game show where the winner was the one who cried the most. The year 2021 saw him contribute as a writer for the popular TV series ‘ZIWE’ and also make appearances in two of its episodes. In 2022, he wrote an episode of ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ and he was named a New Face at JFL in the same year.

Jordan Mendoza’s journey in the world of acting began to gain momentum, and he became more visible to audiences with his role in ‘Maurice on Mars’ in 2022. The year 2023 marked a turning point for his career, as he became involved in several exciting and high-profile projects. He took on the role of writer for the TV series ‘Dave,’ which achieved tremendous success, and also contributed to ‘Human Resources,’ another critically acclaimed series. In addition, he essays the character of R.J. Acosta Jr. in ‘Kaleidoscope,’ which catapulted him into the spotlight. Jordan’s career has been on a remarkable trajectory since then, with no signs of slowing down.

Jordan Mendoza took on various roles to showcase his acting versatility. He played a bartender in Julio Torres’s ‘Problemista’ and portrayed Crispin in ‘No Hard Feelings.’ However, his most prominent project is Netflix’s ‘Neon,’ where he garnered considerable acclaim and a growing fan base for which he has also contributed in the capacity of a consulting producer. Additionally, his upcoming project, ‘Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain,’ is set to be released on November 17, further solidifying his presence in the industry. In 2021, he announced on his social media that he would be a part of Giancarlo Esposito’s heist drama series ‘Jigsaw.’

Jordan Mendoza is Dating Gwynn Ballard

Jordan Mendoza is in a committed, long-term relationship with Gwynn Ballard. The couple spent their quarantine together during the COVID-19 pandemic, creating humorous videos and sketches that entertained their audience. As an Asian-American writer and actor, Mendoza has achieved notable success at a relatively young age, constantly working to enhance his career. His determination and dedication serve as an inspiration, and fans are eager to see what new and exciting projects he will undertake in the future. Jordan Mendoza’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to his talent and passion for his craft.

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