Where is Joseph From Crazy Delicious Today?

When ‘Crazy Delicious’ dropped on Netflix, viewers were instantly mesmerized by its spectacular settings — which is a living rendition of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. In this sprawling garden, everything is edible, including chocolate soil, a drinkable brook, and even delicious blooms. Hosted by comedian Jayde Adams, each episode features three aspiring chefs, battling it out to win the golden apple. In the first episode, we met three contestants — the then 28-year-old Joseph, 20-year-old Lily, and 39-year-old Bethie. Among the three, Joseph managed to wow both judges and viewers with his elaborate culinary skills and striking presentation. So who is this talented artist and what is he doing now? Read on for some detailed insights.

Joseph Crazy Delicious Journey

When Joseph first introduced himself, he explained that his cooking style is primarily inspired by Afro-Caribbean cuisines. He also said that on a scale of one to ten, he would rate his competitive streak at a whopping nine and a half.

In the first round, he whipped up a delicious banana barbeque pudding, topped with fried rice dumplings. Because of his style and flavors, he proceeded to the final round, following the elimination of Bethie whose plantain nachos and sweet pizza were not up to the judges’ expectations. You can check out Joseph’s creation below:

In the final round, Joseph cooked jerk watermelon, shredded pork, chicken, and red cabbage. He was finally declared the winner after Lily missed out on a vital ingredient in her dish. You can have a glance of Joseph’s elaborate recipe below:

Where is Joseph Now?

A content creator and a recipe developer from the UK, Joseph is an active food blogger whose social media handles are packed with innumerable posts of his edible specimens.

The professional chef frequently collaborates with well-known brands and several of them are paid partnerships. The athlete, who has progressed into a coach and sports teacher, sticks to healthy ingredients while preparing his dishes. You can check out one of his posts, which shows how he continues to stick to his fitness regime even during the quarantine period. He captioned his post as follows: “Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t get fit or stay fit. Going from athlete to coach hasn’t just made me more responsible and less selfish but my concern for the general all-round fitness of the young people I work with has become very important to me and I would encourage them to stretch at home as well as work on simple movement patterns. Not only to maintain but to improve fitness in this turbulent time, give yourself the edge over your competitors.”

On the personal front, Joseph is quite close to his mother. Here is an adorable picture of him sharing a meal with his mum.

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