Joshua Webb Murder: Where is Marshall Ratliff Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘See No Evil: The Hand-Off’ depicts how 33-year-old Joshua Webb was mercilessly murdered in Beckley, West Virginia, in late July 2018. The police apprehended the perpetrator responsible within two days, but the case had an initial twist that completely threw them off the scent. The episode clearly and concisely depicts the events leading to the murder and the arrest.

How Did Joshua Webb Die?

Joshua “Josh” Craig Webb was born to Robert Craig Webb and Diana Lynn Webb in 1985. He was married to Jennifer Dawn-Webb, and they had a son named Camron. Josh’s mother, Diana, recounted how he always helped others voluntarily without even being asked to, and his father, Robert, stated he was proud of the man his son had become. Family sources said he worked at a Beckley, West Virginia, restaurant in July 2018. Josh loved playing basketball, video gaming with his son, fishing, and spending time with his family.

According to Robert, the father-son duo shared a passion for dogs and had four pit bulls. One of the dogs tragically died on July 22, 2018, and Diana had called her to come over and help his father bury the loved pet. Robert recounted how Josh cried a little as they laid the dog to rest in the backyard. That was the last time they saw their son alive. The episode noted Josh headed out to purchase some beer later that night. A panicked bystander called 911 at around 1:28 AM to report a shooting in downtown Beckley after hearing gunshots.

The police responded to the 911 call and reached the Executive Manor apartment in downtown Beckley. The officers found 33-year-old Josh’s body facedown on the wheelchair ramp at the building’s entrance. They checked for a pulse and declared him dead on the scene. According to police sources, he had been shot in the face from a very close range with a firearm. However, the officers found no shell casing at the scene, indicating the murder weapon might have most probably been a revolver.

Who Killed Joshua Webb?

As the investigators surveyed the crime scene for evidence, they found the building had no exterior cameras. However, they located one inside — just above the main front entrance. But the officers could not find any building maintenance personnel to give them access to the surveillance footage. Meanwhile, they had their first breakthrough when the detectives received a call from the police station that a witness had come forward minutes after the shooting and claimed he was a witness of the crime.

The witness, Marshall Lewis Ratliff, then 24, had arrived at the station at 1:40 AM and told his interviewing officers that he lived in the Executive Manor apartment. He stated he had a friend, Angus Bonetto Moodie Jr., stay with him for a couple of weeks, and the victim, Josh, was allegedly the latter’s buddy or acquaintance. According to Marshall, they met the victim at the GoMart, where Marshall’s girlfriend worked behind the counter. Angus and Josh allegedly had an altercation at the convenience store that led to the former brandishing a gun.

Marshall further claimed his girlfriend asked all three of them to leave immediately. While out on the street, the fight continued, with Angus allegedly running after Josh and catching up to him in front of the Executive Manor apartment. Marshall alleged his friend used his gun and shot the victim from extremely close range, the weapon almost touching his throat. His testimony was remarkably detailed, and the investigators looked into Angus to find he had a prior felon record and was prohibited from carrying a firearm.

The investigators issued a BOLO for Angus, as some of them went to GoMart to verify Marshall’s testimony. They reviewed the surveillance footage from CCTVs inside and outside the store — which broadly affirmed their witness’ claim. Meanwhile, Angus, then 38, was arrested on July 24 by officers patrolling his regular haunts who apprehended him when he visited his girlfriend. When he was brought to the station and interrogated, he vehemently denied shooting Josh.

The officers obtained additional surveillance footage from an insurance firm a couple of blocks from the crime scene. They noticed Josh walking towards the Executive Manor while repeatedly looking over his shoulder. The video showed Angus and Marshall following the victim around 30 yards behind. A CCTCV installed in another building showed the former taking out a revolver and loading the firearm just minutes before the shooting occurred. Even when confronted with the video, Angus maintained he did not shoot and pointed his finger at Marshall.

Angus claimed Josh and Marshall had conflict over the former allegedly flirting with his girlfriend, and he had handed Marshall the gun. Yet, he alleged he did not know that Marshall would end up firing the firearm. The detectives reviewed the surveillance footage from Executive Manor and saw Angus and Marshall entering the apartment seconds after the shooting and the latter handing back the revolver to his acquaintance. The two seconds clip was enough for Marshall to break down and admit he had shot Josh and tried to implicate his friend instead.

Marshall Ratliff Remains Imprisoned

Marshall Ratliff was charged with first-degree murder, unlawful possession of a firearm, and battery on an unrelated warrant on July 25. Angus was also charged with accessory before the fact, unlawful possession of a gun, and domestic battery for an unrelated active warrant. Marshall pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and received the maximum sentence — 40 years in prison. His defense counsel pleaded for a lesser sentence, citing mental illness. Nevertheless, the judge denied it, noting how a mental health professional found him competent to stand trial.

The prosecution argued against leniency, stating Marshall had recently sexually harassed staff at a facility and denied responsibility despite pleading guilty. On the other hand, Angus pleaded guilty to accessory before the fact and unlawful possession of a gun and was sentenced to ten years behind bars. According to official court records, Marshall, 28, is incarcerated at the Northern Regional Correctional Facility And Jail. His projected release date is in 2038. Angus is not on the current prison roster and is probably out on parole.

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