Where Is Lars Christian Wegner Now?

Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2: A Death in Oslo’ is one of the most baffling international true-crime cases that has been covered by the series until now. Its official synopsis – “After checking in at a luxury hotel with no ID or credit card, a woman dies from a gunshot. Years later, her identity – and her death – remain a mystery” – lays down the plot of it perfectly.

In 1995, “Jennifer Fairgate” died in room 2805 in Oslo Plaza Hotel, but she didn’t give them her real name, and to this date, no one can positively state whether her death was a homicide or just suicide. In this episode, Lars Christian Wegner, a reporter, takes center stage as he analyzes every aspect of the case. So, let’s find out more about him, shall we?

Who Is Lars Christian Wegner?

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Lars Christian Wegner is a Norwegian journalist who has been following the case of “Jennifer Fairgate” since 1996 – when she was buried without a headstone as no one identified her. That year, he was doing a piece on unidentified and missing people when he came across the details of “Jennifer’s” death. Subsequently, when Lars started reading into it and discovered all the perplexing and bizarre details, he couldn’t stay away. Lars knew that it was impossible for anyone, anywhere, to not know about who “Jennifer” was or what she was doing in Oslo, so he made it his mission to get her story out.

After all his hard work, even though a lot of tips were received, nothing proved to be conclusive. Therefore, to get some much-needed answers, he went one step further. The address that “Jennifer” had given the hotel while checking in was in a small village in Verlaine, Belgium, so Lars traveled there to ask around if anyone had ever seen her. After all, its population right now is less than 5000, so back in the 90s, it would have been even lower, making it easier for everyone to know everyone.

However, even with that, nothing turned up. Lars even went to the exact address that “Jennifer” had mentioned, but it didn’t exist, and yet, the numbers which she had provided coincided with those around that area, making it seem like she had to have some sort of connection with the village, no matter how small. To this day, more than 25 years after the incident, Lars is going above and beyond to bring “Jennifer” and her unknown family some justice.

Where Is Lars Christian Wegner Now?

Image Credit: Netflix

Lars Christian Wegner, residing in Hosle, Bærum, Norway, is currently working as a high-level feature journalist at VG Newspaper, a Norwegian tabloid, which is the most read online newspaper in the country. He has been with the organization for several years now and has received many accolades for his work there.

In 2017, he even profiled “Jennifer’s” entire case, in complete detail, on the website in an attempt to shine a light on her and her ordeal once again, while also putting a special focus on her exhumation. And now, after all these investigations and clues, Lars believes that the only thing that can help bring “Jennifer’s” case to a close is if somebody steps forward to reveal that they recognize her. All he wants is for this woman to actually have her name on her gravestone, like she deserves. (Featured Image Credit: Netflix)

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