Joyce and John Zwaart: Where are Jonathan Meijer’s Clients Now?

For John and Joyce Zwaart, having a child was a wish that would fulfill their deepest desires. This dream became a reality thanks to a successful sperm donation. Pleased with the ease of the process, they decided to have a second child using the same donor. In Netflix’s ‘The Man with 1000 Kids,’ the couple shares their story, recounting the shocking aftermath of discovering that their chosen donor had been traveling the world and fathering thousands of children. The ensuing battle they joined, along with others who had been similarly deceived, is also highlighted in the docu-series.

Joyce and John Zwaart Had Children With Their Sperm Donor

When John and Joyce Zwaart decided to have a child together, they knew they would need to explore alternative methods of conceiving. John had undergone a vasectomy during his previous marriage, and when he consulted a doctor about reversing it, he was informed that it would not be possible. This led the couple to consider sperm donation. They came across Verlangen naar een Kind (Longing for a Child), a website where willing sperm donors had posted personal ads to facilitate contact. Through this site, they met Jonathan Jacob Meijer.

John and Joyce Zwaart attempted to conceive artificially with Jonathan Jacob Meijer several times, and after a few attempts, they succeeded. They welcomed a daughter into their lives. Given their smooth experience, they decided to expand their family with the same donor and had a baby boy soon after. When they discovered that their donor was a serial donor who had fathered hundreds of children in the Netherlands alone, it was horrifying for them to fathom the kind of impact it would have on their children’s lives. They joined a lawsuit against him, and while camping one weekend, they received news of the ruling. Jonathan was prohibited from making any more donations and was fined 100,000 euros, bringing them the justice they sought.

John Zwaart’s Driving School Business is Thriving Today

John Black Zwaart is a businessman whose zeal has propelled his success. In 2009, he founded NXXT, a driving school with the simple goal of improving the quality of driving education available in the Netherlands. He hired a small team of instructors and focused on delivering top-notch education. Slowly but surely, his brand began to build and thrive. As NXXT’s reputation grew, John saw the potential to expand and decided to convert it into a franchise.

Image Credit: John Black/Facebook

John Black Zwaart began building a model that would allow him to maintain the quality of education while expanding his business. Currently, NXXT is a national chain and one of the largest driving schools in the Netherlands, with around 100 schools spread across different regions. John’s presence of mind to use social media has significantly propelled his image. Students have left rave reviews about their experiences, and appreciation posts for graduates are promptly shared online. This personal touch has strengthened his company’s image and contributed to its success.

Joyce Zwaart Works as a Part-Time Transfer Nurse

Joyce Zwaart has an equally remarkable career in which she finds true meaning. From 2006 to 2010, she completed her nursing training at Zadkine and worked as a Support Worker Housing at Southwester. Joyce furthered her experience with training at Antes and an internship at Ruwaard van Putten Hospital. Her extensive experience spans various institutions, including Neighbourhood Care Netherlands and Laurens. At Laurens, she spent over nine years progressing from Nurse in the District to Care Broker.

Image Credit: Joyce Zwaart/Linkedin

Joyce Zwaart has found a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in her work that she cannot fully define, and this drive has only pushed her forward. Since October 2022, she has been working part-time as a Transfer Nurse at Maasstad Hospital, allowing her to take a breather while assisting her husband in his business. At NXXT, she handles PR and administration, enjoying her quality time with him. This balance between her nursing career and her role in the family business provides her with a well-rounded and rewarding professional life.

John and Joyce Zwaart are Protective of their Kids

John and Joyce Zwaart settled in Randstad, Netherlands, with their two children. They prefer to keep their lives private, especially given the scrutiny surrounding their kids. They have been active participants in groups where other people who had Jonathan as their donor come together and introduce their half-siblings to each other. They are aware that the path forward must be taken carefully, as the chances of accidental incest are higher given the proximity with which their children live with their half-siblings. Despite this challenge, they are committed to raising their kids as normally as possible, determined to navigate this complex situation with care and attention.

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