The 8 Best Judd Apatow Movies and TV Shows, Ranked

4. Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000)

‘Freaks and Geeks’ was Apatow at his very best. The show also launched some of the biggest comedic stars we know today in the shape of Seth Rogen and James Franco. The show circled around the life of Lindsay Weir, a prodigal high school attendee who is a bit lost in her life. She befriends a group of “freaks” as  they call them, which is completely opposite to that of her brother, which is known as “geeks.” The two face contrasting problems as they navigate through high school, each having its leader behave in different ways. The show was cancelled after just a one season and 12 episodes, which surprised audiences and critics alike. Due to a cohesive fan campaign in the year 2000, NBC agreed to air the remaining six episodes.


3. Crashing (2017-)

First viewings of the show hinted towards something like ‘Seinfeld’, but more measured in its approach. But ‘Crashing’ eventually turned out to be something completely different and for the good. The TV show is about a married comic stand-up, whose life comes crashing down when he discovers his wife is having an affair with an Italian boxer. The show’s unique setup only employs a single character, that is, Pete, the comedian, as a permanent fixture, while all the others are either recurring and guests. Refined in its writing and affably concocted with a softening stance on extra-marital affairs, ‘Crashing’ stays true to its title.


2. 40-Year-Old Virgin (2006)

Andy is a contented, affable bachelor, who lives alone and works at a big-box store as the head of quality assurance. Friends at work present three different stages of a relationship of a man with a woman: married, divorced, single nightstand. He sizes up Trish, a freshly divorced woman, who owns her own store selling stuff for eBay, with appreciative eyes and finally asks her out. He keeps procrastinating physical intimacy, something which Trish herself asks them not to indulge in. Hilarious events keep taking shape around Andy until he finally loses “it.” This was our first taste of Apatow behind the camera. Even though direction is hardly something you look for in a comedy, we still have to be appreciative of his beautifully poignant still scenes which lasted more than 15 seconds on an average which is almost like an hour in today’s time. Riding on Steve Carell’s magnetic charm and Apatow’s inspired direction, ’40 Year Old Virgin’ stands out as a timeless classic.


1. Bridesmaids (2011)


Annie is a jobless but sweet woman in her mid-thirties with horrible taste in men. With almost no purpose in life, she gets one in the capacity of her best friend’s maid of honour. At her engagement reception, she meets Helen, the arrogant and rich wife of the groom’s boss. Conflicts arise between the two with different visions for realizing the perfect wedding for Lillian. The film is considered to be a revolution of sorts in comedy-films making, presenting the first occasion with an all women-centric cast.  ‘Bridesmaids’ served as a touchstone for discussion about women in comedy and even got nominated for Best Screenplay at the Oscars. Melissa McCarthy was a revelation and got nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category. Adorned with improvised scenes and emotional performances, ‘Bridesmaids’ presents the very best in romantic comedies.

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