Judy Crowell: Where is Former QVC Host Now?

Image Credit: Facebook/Judy Crowell Style

When it comes to reality TV, there are only a few shows that have captured the attention of audiences for as long as QVC has. Through this unique programming network, engaging hosts bring out products to sell directly to the audience, giving the viewers an opportunity to talk directly with the creators. Among the first few faces to get hired as QVC hosts is Judy Crowell. Her journey of 15 years is nothing short of an inspiring tale that resonates with us.

Specializing in jewelry, fitness, fashion, beauty, home, and skin care, she grew quite popular with her LIVE Remote Broadcasts from locations like Monte Carlo, New York City, Dublin, Los Angeles, and the Bahamas. This enthralling journey ended in 2004 when Judy moved on to her other endeavors. If you are like us and want to know what she has been doing since her days at QVC, let’s discover together:

Who is Judy Crowell?

Judy Crowell’s life journey began in Tokyo, Japan. She celebrates her birthday in April of every year. Thanks to her father’s work in the US Army, she had an unconventional upbringing, allowing her to traverse multiple countries. Throughout her childhood, she had to relocate about 12 times, which shaped her adaptability and resiliency. When she was attending high school in Virginia, her father’s work took the family to Germany and Belgium, where she graduated from an international school. In 1979, she graduated from St. Lawrence University with a degree in Philosophy and Art history.

Not one to rest on her laurels, she pursued further education and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Florida State University in 1981. Before she began working for QVC, she had the opportunity to dip her foot into a wide array of ponds. Her first ever job was for WMTV NBC 15 in Madison, Wisconsin, as a PM Magazine Host in 1981. After 3 years of working at the station, she joined WZZM 13 in 1984 but was there only for a year. In 1986, she started working at WLAV AM-FM Radio as the News Director, which was also only for the short term. Her next job was as the on-air program host for CVN in 1989, which she left to become an on-air QVC senior program host.

Stationed in West Chester, Pennsylvania, she hosted a multitude of live remote broadcasts and soon became one of the most popular faces on the channel. Her genuine enthusiasm for the products and engaging personality made her a fan favorite. She also ran Gem Mining/Cutting operation production shoots all over the world, including Thailand, China, Brazil, and Bolivia. During her early years at the QVC, she got married to Jeffrey Hewson, a fellow QVC host. Unfortunately, the union ended just three months after the wedding. For 15 years, her charisma shone through the screen as she interacted with the viewers and showcased products. In 2004, she announced her departure from the show.

Where is Judy Crowell Now?

As of writing, Judy Crowell is thriving in her professional and personal life while living in Naples, Florida, with her husband, Paul Deasy, who is an accredited jewelry professional and a TV host. He has also written a book titled ‘Colored Gemstones’ and runs his own YouTube channel by the name of ‘Paul Deasy Gemstones’ which has over 8.1K subscribers. Since their wedding in 2003, the couple has built up a wonderful life, traveling and collaborating on multiple projects. Though it isn’t clear if they have any kids together, Paul has two kids from his previous relationship, one of whom is Kyle. In July 2023, Kyle and his wife, Carolyn, gave birth to a beautiful boy, Jackson James Deasy, making Judy and Paul proud grandparents.

After leaving QVC, she joined HSN in 2005 as a program host, where she delved into various professional and creative pursuits. In 2008, she joined JTV as a Style and Trend Jewelry Expert, where she worked on product design as well as brand development, making a significant impact on Stratify and Blooming Jewels collections. The same year, she also enrolled at the New England Fashion+Design Association and studied Fashion Trend Forecaster and Fashion/Apparel Design for 2 years. The collaboration with JTV ended in 2012, after which Judy moved to Minneapolis.

In 2014, she became part of EVINE Live Inc. as a creator and designer of JOYA by Judy Crowell Jewelry and showcased her creativity for 4 years. In November 2019, she launched the Judy Crowell Style and embraced self-employment. Now, she runs her own YouTube channel ‘Get Fit with Judy’ with over 3.64K subscribers, where she shares her expertise as a certified fitness trainer. Apart from her workout videos, Judy and her husband of nearly 20 years, Paul, share their recipes on the channel as well. Since their wedding, the two have renewed their vows in a grand affair in 2006 and 2013, respectively.

There were certain rumors about her health, including a purported cancer diagnosis, but they have remained unfounded as Judy has never disclosed any such information. Judy Crowell stands as a testament to the diverse paths reality TV stars can take after their time in the spotlight. From her early beginnings at the QVC to her current role as a YouTube personality and a fitness instructor, her journey shows her creativity, adaptability, the resilience to pursue her personal passions. As she continues to inspire others with her entrepreneurial journey, we can’t wait to see what avenues she takes on next.

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