Judy Trammell: Where is the DCC Head Choreographer Now?

Netflix’s ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ effectively showcases the rigor and passion of its dancers while also familiarizing audiences with the administrative network and support system that make the NFL season a success for the cheerleading team. A critical behind-the-scenes figure is Judy Trammell, the team’s choreographer. Her routines have gained worldwide fame, and she is highly respected and celebrated within the group. Judy stands as a pillar of support for all the cheerleaders, and many have highlighted the importance of her role in their success.

Judy Trammel Has Always Been a Strong Pillar of Support For the Team

Judy Trammell, a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from 1980 to 1984, soon transitioned to becoming the team’s choreographer. Her firsthand experience as a performer and understanding of the pressures and challenges helped her quickly excel in her role. During the selection process, Judy choreographed routines for all of the DCC’s sidelines and pregame shows and worked closely with the director, Kelli Finglass. Her insights into the candidates were invaluable, often highlighting aspects others overlooked, making her opinions highly respected and valued.

The DCC’s famous ‘Thunderstruck’ routine, now a trademark of the team and one of the most challenging choreographies to master, was also crafted by Judy. The dancers have expressed immense admiration for her impressive work and unwavering support, extending beyond her official duties. Throughout the season, she stayed by the cheerleaders’ side, from one performance to the next, constantly vigilant in catching even the most minor errors. Judy emerged as a composed and commanding figure, unafraid to make tough calls when necessary. Her reliability and contribution were invaluable, not only to the young dancers but also to individuals like Kelli Finglass, ensuring the success of the team.

Judy Trammell is Gearing Up For the Upcoming NFL Season

As there is no respite for someone with such a high-stakes role as Judy Trammell, she dove back into preparations for the next season immediately after the current one ended. With the NFL season 2024-2025 on the horizon, she has been busy selecting the new team and holding auditions, ensuring the group of 36 cheerleaders is ready for another demanding and exhilarating season.

Judy’s journey with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is marked by dedication and hard work. She has been the team’s choreographer since 1991, but her involvement began much earlier. Starting in 1984, Judy worked as an assistant choreographer, meticulously learning the ropes and honing her skills for the bigger job. Her transition from performer to choreographer is a testament to her deep understanding of the pressures and demands of the role, enabling her to excel and innovate in her choreography.

Judy demonstrated leadership and talent even as a dancer with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. She served as a group leader and later became the show group leader, roles that were among the most fulfilling experiences of her life. Her dedication and passion for dance have never waned. Judy now boasts over 16 years of experience in various dance forms, including jazz, tap dance, drill team, and pompom. This extensive background has been instrumental in her ability to continually reinvent herself and keep the DCC looking stylish and contemporary. Her understanding of her craft and her nuanced approach as an artist have allowed her to adapt and innovate, ensuring the team’s routines remain fresh and exciting.

Judy Trammell Has a Diverse Portfolio

Judy Trammell has not limited her talents to the DCC alone; she has broadened her horizons by working as a choreographer for various celebrities. She has contributed to nationally televised telethons for Jerry Lewis and the Variety Club and choreographed Toby Keith’s ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboy’ music video. Judy’s talent has shone in many arenas, from the NFL’s ‘Monday Night Football’ to the Country Music Awards. Her work has been highly appreciated on syndicated talk shows like the one hosted by Phil Donahue, Geraldo Rivera, and Montel Williams. She has also been very active in Dallas area high school events and beauty pageants.

Those in the entertainment industry recognize her keen eye and acknowledge that her contributions bring a unique oomph that is hard to find. Judy is not unfamiliar with the screen herself, having been featured on CMT’s ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team’ and appearing in the 2000 film ‘Dr. T & the Women.’ In 2024, she appeared on the talk show ‘Hollywood First Look.’ Seeing how she has remained fresh and relevant throughout these years is impressive.

Judy Trammel is Enjoying Life With Her Grandchildren Today

Like her professional life, Judy Trammell’s personal life has been rich and fulfilling. On August 19, 2023, she celebrated her 45th anniversary with her husband, Dick Trammell. They used to live in Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas, but have since moved to Rockwall, Texas. Together, they have built a beautiful family with their three children, Taylor, Cassie, and Blair, who have all settled down in life.

Cassie followed in Judy’s footsteps and was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from 2008 to 2013, serving as a group leader in her final two seasons. Taylor is married to Katie, and they have two boys, making Judy a beloved grandmother. Cassie also has two children, contributing to the big and loving family. With wedding preparations already underway, Blair is set to marry Soy Camilla this year. The family often finds time to gather and go on holidays, such as the bachelorette party of her future daughter-in-law in Turks and Caicos in April 2024. Seeing Judy living beautifully, balancing her thriving career with a loving and close-knit family is heartwarming.

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