Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Hidden Inventory

In ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season’ or ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ season 2 episode 1 titled ‘Hidden Inventory,’ the show goes back in time to shed light on Geto Suguru and Satoru’s early days at the Tokyo Jujutsu High. When Utahime and Mei-Mei do not use the veil during one of the missions, the two friends end up having a disagreement over the subject, which soon takes an unexpected turn. But just when they are about to fight, Masamichi informs them that they have been assigned a new mission by Tengen.

Getou and Satoru’s Friendship

Back when Geto Suguru was a much younger sorcerer, he used to work for the greater good and was even friends with Satoru. Unfortunately, his life was not as exciting as he would have liked since he was typically preoccupied with exorcising and absorbing curses almost every single day. Around the same time, Utahime and Mei-Mei were entrusted with the responsibility of inspecting a region of the city that was overflowing with cursed spirits.

Utahime and Mei-Mei were naturally cautious during their inspection and entered a dilapidated house, not knowing what to expect. Soon afterward, they realized that they were trapped in a barrier, and in order to escape, they must run as fast as possible in opposite directions. Their plan worked, but by the time, Satoru, Getou, and Shoko had already arrived there as backup.

Once the job is done, Getou, Satoru, and Shoko return to Tokyo Jujutsu High. They are playing the basketball court when Satoru and Getou appear to have a disagreement over the use of the veil. When Shoko notices that they are potentially going to have a fight, she immediately runs away. Meanwhile, Satoru and Getou are adamant, and the latter even wants to take the fight outside the basketball court.

What is a Star Plasma Vessel? Why is it Important For Tengen? Who Are the Curse User Group Q and the Star Religious Group?

Just when Satoru and Getou are about to have a fight, Masamichi arrives on the basketball court and informs them that they have been assigned a mission by Tengen. They are told that they need to escort and erase Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai, as she is compatible with Tengen. Masamichi then goes on to elaborate that Tengen possesses the cursed technique of Immortality, which gives them an infinite lifespan. Unfortunately, this technique does not stop the aging process.

So once Tengen starts getting really old, the cursed technique starts rewriting his body, which will lead to his evolution. He will then cease to be a human and become a higher form of existence. Although Satoru sees no problem with that, Getou goes on to explain that this would essentially mean that Tengen will stop being himself and will even become a threat to humans. Because of this, it is extremely important that Tengen finds a Star Plasma Vessel compatible with them so that they can assimilate with her and stop the oncoming evolution process.

But the situation is further complicated by the fact that two groups are after Riko Amanai’s life. The first is the Curse User Group Q which plans to upend the jujutsu society by triggering Tengen’s rampage. Then there is the Star Religious Group, aka Time Vessel Association, which literally prays to Tengen and considers them as their god. Since Tengen is all set to merge with the girl in the next two days, Satoru and Getou must protect her in the meantime.

Star Plasma Vessels are usually young females who are bestowed with the ability to refresh Immortality by literally merging with the cursed technique user. When Satoru and Getou finally go to escort her, it is the latter who goes to the apartment while the former waits outside. As soon as he reaches the apartment, there is a huge blast, and Getou sees the Star Plasm Vessel falling from the building. Meanwhile, Satoru is confronted by a member of Group Q.

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