Are Juliette and Sam From Siesta Key Still Dating?

Juliette Porter and Sam Logan

‘Siesta Key’ is a reality television series that follows the elite lifestyles of a group of friends as they navigate friendships and relationships while living in a swanky mansion in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. Since its premiere in July 2017, the show has been surrounded by multiple controversies ranging from inauthenticity claims to problematic behavior of some cast members.

However, it has garnered a fanbase for producing unadulterated drama, courtesy of the dynamic dating life of the interesting personalities. One of the most-talked-about cast member, Juliette Porter, is currently dating Sam Logan on the show. Did their romance continue after the cameras stopped filming? Are they still together? Let’s find out!

Juliette Porter and Sam Logan: Siesta Key Journey

Juliette Porter has been the center of attention because of her on-again, off-again relationship with Alex Kompothecras, the most notorious cast member of ‘Siesta Key.’ After dating on and off throughout seasons 1 and 2, Juliette and Alex decided to move on with other people. Juliette began seeing Bachelorette star ‘Robby Hayes’ for a while before hooking up with Alex, again, on a trip to Nashville. However, the fate of their relationship got sealed after Alex’s girlfriend, Alyssa Salerno, got pregnant. The two are now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Alessi.

Since Alex and Sam were good friends, Juliette and Sam hung out a few times before she entered into a relationship with Alex. Now that Alex has been fired from the show for passing racist comments, the door is closed forever and Juliette has moved on. On the episode that aired on June 30, 2020, Juliette expressed that she is “ready for a good guy.” When her friends pointed to Sam, who was chilling at a distance, Juliette added that years ago, she had a crush on Sam but when she began dating Alex, Sam automatically became off-limits.

When the duo began dating in season 3, they got so close that Alex texted Sam to stay away from Juliette. Still bitter about everything, Juliette spoke ill about Alex to Sam during Alex and Alyssa’s gender reveal party episode but he was quite understanding about her feelings. Although she began posting pictures with Sam since January 2020, the couple went Instagram official in February, when Juliette shared a picture of them kissing each other while standing in front of Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Naturally, you must be wondering: Did their relationship blossom? Or did all the love get lost along the way?

Are Juliette and Sam Still Together?

Yes, Juliette Porter and Sam Logan are still very much in love with each other. The couple has practically been inseparable since they made their relationship official and are sending strong forever vibes to the fandom, indicating that Juliette has finally put a lid on her tumultuous past with Alex. Juliette and Sam went on a snow-trip to Aspen, Colorado, with a bunch of friends in March 2020.

The Instagram profiles of both Sam and Juliette are packed with PDA-filled pictures. Here’s one from early July, where Sam is professing his love for his “babe.”

On July 24, 2020, Sam gave the fans a pleasant surprise when he posted a picture of the couple kissing while atop the Ajax mountain in Aspen, Colorado, along with the caption, “My fiancé.”

Although he quickly changed the caption to “Sorry about the other caption I didn’t make it” fans were fast enough to drop comments demanding to know the truth behind the previous caption. When a fan asked, “so are you guys really engaged, or not? I’m confused…,” Sam responded, “no we are not. just a regular girlfriend and boyfriend.” The couple is currently chilling in Aspen for a few days to spend time with Sam’s family and friends before they head back to Florida. If you check the comments, you’ll find Sam telling a fan that he and Juliette are still dating.

The University of Central Florida graduate has been touted as a “trust fund baby” and is reportedly a billionaire’s son. Of course, a swarm of haters is accusing Juliette of dating Logan just for his bank balance. Fortunately, the couple is paying no heed to the toxicity and are happy with each other in their own paradise.

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