Where is Julius (J.T.) Clark from My 600-lb Life Today?

The eighth and the latest season of TLC’s hit reality series ‘My 600-lb Life’ featured one of the heaviest patients in the history of the show! Julius, who weighed close to 900 lbs at the time of filming, left followers horrified and worried about his health. But, unexpectedly, he made great strides in his weight-loss journey and managed to lose 400 lbs. By the end of his one year program, he weighed half of what he used to be before. Healthier and happier, he now weighs around 491 lbs.

Julius Clark: My 600-lb Life Journey

Julius, a 32-year-old man from Oklahoma, had a tough childhood. Belonging to a financially weak family, he adopted poor eating habits by consuming free food from the restaurant his father worked at. When his parents became drug addicts and spent their entire savings on their next fix, Julius turned to food for comfort. Neglected and uncared for, Julius being the eldest of the three siblings, had to start fending for himself from a young age of ten.

By the time Julius hit 22, he was already over 600 lbs. At 25 years of age, he had to quit his job due to health issues and has been unemployed ever since. Shortly after, a huge mass started growing on his leg, which was diagnosed as lymphedema. The mass weighs almost 100 lbs itself and made it very difficult for him to walk or exercise.

Julius then met his girlfriend, Jessica, online on a dating app. She started taking care of him and he was entirely dependent on her for every small task. Jessica confessed to falling in love with Julius’s personality, but many believe that she is involved with him because he receives payouts from authorities.

Accused of being an enabler, Jessica does admit to giving into Julius’s food demands. She shared that she had to shop for groceries daily as Julius would consume everything in the house by the time she came back home to check in on him. Having six boxes of pizza and sweets for breakfast was just a part of his daily routine. He also confessed that he finds it challenging to get intimate with Jessica, and he would prefer food over sex any day. He said that he even dreams about food.

Soon Julius realized that his body is breaking down and that he might die soon. This fear made him travel all the way to Houston to enroll in Dr. Now’s program. Jessica took him, but having been put on a low-calorie diet, Julius suffered extreme withdrawal symptoms. He became short-tempered and irritated whenever his food cravings wouldn’t be satisfied. This led to him lashing out at Jessica, and she left him all alone in Dr. Now’s care.

But, he made great progress and got approved for gastric bypass surgery. Post-surgery, he stuck to Dr. Now’s advice, diets, and exercises. He dropped a considerable amount of weight, and Dr. Now was evidently impressed. He was given a new weight goal to achieve. He was promised a lymphedema removal surgery if he manages to drop down to 220 lbs.

Where is Julius Now?

Julius has been keeping a low profile and his social media presence is close to nil. So, it is hard to assume what he is up to. But, according to sources, Julius is still living in Houston. He is still in regular contact with Dr. Now and making efforts to shed more weight. Julius is probably working towards getting his lymphedema treated so that he can resume leading a normal lifestyle. Recently, a picture of his transformation surfaced on the internet and Julius is definitely looking slimmer and healthier.

Photo Credit: life.shared.com

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