Junelle Bromfield: Where is Noah Lyles’ Girlfriend Now?

While it’s true Junelle Bromfield has often only been referred to as Noah Lyles’ girlfriend in the media, the truth is she is so much more — she is now a proud two-time Olympian. We did not get to see much of this Jamaican sprinter’s journey in Netflix’s ‘Sprint: The World’s Fastest Humans,’ yet the original did indicate she is just as devoted to the sport as her partner. This is actually in two ways — she not only values track and field as much as her connection with her boyfriend, but the devotion this duo has towards it is almost equal too — they want to see it become mainstream.

Junelle Bromfield and Noah Lyles Fell in Love After Friendship

Junelle and Noah were both in the early stages of their careers when the former slid into his DMs back in 2017, only for one thing to lead to another despite them being thousands of miles apart. “We start chit-chatting a little bit, and I’m very defensive, you know, as I am young on the scene…, so I can’t just be giving away my number to nobody,” the latter admitted during the ‘Fast Lane Lifestyle’ podcast. The fact that she’s a Jamaican competitor while he’s from the US also probably had a role to play, considering anyone aware of this sport knows that these two nations have a long-standing rivalry.

Nevertheless, Junelle and Noah continued corresponding, per his accounts, following which “she hit me with the ‘you wanna play an iPhone game,’ and I am like well I messaged this girl for like a few weeks on social media, and I might as well give her my number. So, we started playing the game and four or five months have passed, and I dropped the ‘You know what, I think I like you.'” Thus began their romance, yet they apparently didn’t become official until 2022, all the while knowing from day one that their priorities would be both the game they love so much and one another. In fact, it appears as if they’ve even talked about settling down as well as building a family one day.

“When we just became friends, I told him that I liked him because of his brutal honesty, that’s what drew me to him,” Junelle once said. “Most of my friends are very blunt and honest, and I like that about people because you don’t really have to search too deep to know who they are because it’s always going to come on first thing they speak, so that’s what I like about him.” Noah later added, “Hearing stuff like that I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I need this woman in my life. I already like you, but that’s like a solidified answer of like okay, we’re gonna grow old together, and it’s going to be forever…’ Hearing things like that I’m like ‘I want a woman like that to raise my kids.'”

Junelle Bromfield is a Truly Accomplished Sprinter

When Santa Cruz, Jamaica, native Junelle was just a St. Elizabeth Technical High School student, she realized her passion for running, only to soon prove to be a prodigy with the times she was clocking. However, she didn’t let it consume her and continued pursuing her studies side by side, resulting in her now having a law degree from the University of Technology-Kenginston too. We specify side by side because she still worked hard to hone her skills to such an extent she’s now considered a specialist in the 400-meter races plus relay events, all the while also professionally serving as a Supervisor at Aeropostale and Manager of the band Young Money.

Junelle’s incredible athleticism is actually evident from the fact she has clinched seven gold medals at the U20 Carifta Games between 2015-2017, won a bronze plus silver at the U20 2016 World Championship, and has a bronze from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Most recently, though, on July 1, 2024, she even qualified for the 400-meter race for the Paris 2024 Olympics — she clocked her personal best during the preliminary round at 50.74 seconds, followed by 51.24 in the qualifier. However, it was close considering she would’ve lost with fourth place if she were a mere .04+ seconds late — first was Nickisha Pryce at 50.1 seconds, followed by Stacey-Ann Williams at 50.56, her at 51.24, and then Stephenie Ann McPherson with 51.28 seconds.

Junelle Bromfield and Noah Lyles Are Each Other’s Biggest Supporters

With it being confirmed that Junelle and Noah are both going to the 2024 Paris Olympics, their individual goal is now to earn gold for their respective nations. Devotion, experience, loyalty, as well as passion are what ultimately matter in any relationship or sport, so this couple is obviously glad they have someone who understands the requirements of not just their job but also the related sacrifice, making them all the more glad they’re together.

As for their unwavering support for one another, their conversations make it quite evident — when Kingston, Jamaica-based Junelle posted on Instagram, “CALL ME A 2x Olympian”, her Florida residing boyfriend commented, “I’m soooooo proud of you. You worked so hard for this”. Noah had also already tweeted, ‘THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!! @JunelleBromfield IS GOING TO THE OLYMPICS IN THE 400m!!!!” The fact that she doesn’t mind being referred to as his girlfriend — as long as her individuality plus accomplishments are not diminished/forgotten — is also an indication of the pure love between them.

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