Junobie Shark Tank Update: Where Is Junobie Now?

Nikeytha Ramsey hoped the Sharks would tune in with a life-changing investment when she presented Junobie on ‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 14. Mothers worldwide have always found it challenging to store breastmilk due to the difficulty of finding dedicated containers. Junobie aimed to change that with its line of breast milk storage systems, including bags, trays, boxes, jars, and cups. The product did seem interesting, and therefore, many would want to know about the growth of the company after its appearance on the show. Well, here’s everything we found out!

Junobie: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Nikeytha Ramsey, the mastermind behind Junobie, pursued her Bachelor’s of Applied Sciences in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology from Purdue University. She went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Cincinnati. A mother of two, Nikeytha ran into breastmilk storage problems when she returned to work from her second maternity leave. At that time, she used bottles, heavy glass jars, plastic packets, and anything she could get her hands on to store breastmilk.

However, that practice led to a lot of wastage as plastic packets were susceptible to leaks. On the other hand, bottles and jars proved to be quite cumbersome, and Nikeytha knew she had to find a solution to the problem. Thus, she took to the drawing board and came up with the Junobie Bag. Simple and much more reliable than bottles or packets, the Junobie bag soon became the benchmark of breastmilk storage options.

Made entirely from food-grade silicon, each bag is safe to use in most electrical kitchen equipment and holds 8 oz of milk. It provides a zero-wastage experience and is completely plastic-free, thus doing away with the toxic elements plastic products bring to the table. Moreover, Nikeytha prides her product on being eco-friendly and claims that it is extremely easy to wash and reuse. Besides, the Junobie Bag is also impressive at saving space and can be easily put away when not in use.

Where Is Junobie Now?

Upon its launch, the Junobie Bag received glorious reviews and was unanimously praised by mothers. Nikeytha’s customer base began doubling overnight, and she realized that just selling bags wouldn’t cut it. Hence, going back to the drawing board, she designed milk boxes, trays, jars, as well as cups to give mothers a range of choices. Moreover, wishing to expand her company into an all-encompassing service, Nikeytha even partnered with Milk Guide Lactation and now offers virtual lactation services for mothers in need.

At present, Junobie’s storage options include milk bags, boxes, trays, cups, and jars which range from $19.99 to $35.99. A milk bag starter kit has a pocket pinch of $89.99, while a cleaning brush demands a price of $8.99. Besides, the company also offers a specialized cooling cup which will set one back by $89.99. While the products can be purchased exclusively from Junobie’s website, the site even allows interested mothers to book lactation services from the safety of their homes. With Junobie now commanding a position far above their competitors, we cannot wait to see where Nikeytha will take her company in the years to come.

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