Justin Assad: Where is the Perfect Match Contestant Now?

The pressures are immense in a reality dating show like Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match,’ where challenges are demanding, and contestants must pair up with potential partners for each round. Justin Assad, who joined the second season in the fourth episode, left a lasting impression on the audience with his easy-going demeanor and genuine pursuit of a partner. His authenticity won over the viewers, making numerous fans eager for updates on him.

Justin Assad Was Honest About His Feelings on the Season

Justin Assad entered the second season of ‘Perfect Match’ and was immediately set up on a blind date with Elys Hutchinson from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 5. Elys was going through a tough time, feeling betrayed by her former partner, Harry. However, her date with Justin brought a different energy. Justin quickly realized that Elys was guarded and needed patience to open up. The two decided to focus on having fun, with Justin even getting into an ice bath to lighten the mood.

After returning from their first date, Justin realized that Elys was exactly his type. When the opportunity to match with her arose, he eagerly agreed. He proved to be a stable partner, guiding her through many challenges and quickly growing close. Elys opened up to him, and Justin felt an emotional bond forming. He cared for her, made breakfasts and coffee, and was a reliable partner. However, when other contestants returned, Elys felt there was a missing spark and needed more passion in their connection. Sensing her change of heart, Justin decided it was best for him to leave the season before the finale.

Justin Assad Likes to Unwind in His Hometown

After filming the second season of ‘Perfect Match,’ Justin Assad decided to spend some time in Charleston, South Carolina. Before he knew it, his first foray into reality TV, the first season of ‘Surviving Paradise,’ was released. He spent the next few months promoting the series, and by September 2023, he returned home to Boston, Massachusetts. Justin expressed his gratitude to Netflix for the opportunity and acknowledged that it wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement of his family, particularly his sisters. The company of a few close friends provided a grounding presence and helped him find some peace during this time. He returned to Boston in February and May 2024, looking for the same thing. He has his own place in Los Angeles and a good circle of friends who support him, but there is something about home that he cannot shake off.

Justin Assad Aspires to Make it Big in the Acting World

Justin Assad hadn’t had the chance to work in a formal setting for long, as TV producers contacted him soon after he graduated from Assumption University in Worcester. In late 2022, he worked as a tech salesperson at Dell EMC in Hopkinton. However, after his time on ‘Perfect Match’ Season 2, he decided to pursue a career as a full-time content creator with aspirations of eventually going into acting. He had some experience as a child actor, having participated in Charlestown Working Theater productions. Reality TV shows remain something he is open to participating in, keeping his options diverse as he navigates his career.

Currently, Justin has a sizable following on Instagram and TikTok, making his mark as he progresses. He has already begun brand collaborations and promotions. In April 2024, he advertised products for Tombolo Company, a New York-based clothing brand specializing in “inactive wear.” Shortly afterward, in May 2024, he worked with State and Liberty Clothing Co., which offers wrinkle-free, low-maintenance athletic fits, both formal and informal. He also continues his relationship with Netflix as a reality TV star, having been spotted at the Netflix Summer Festival the same month. He took the opportunity to get photographed, further strengthening his brand.

Justin Assad is a Boston Celtics Fan

Justin Assad used to be a football player for Assumption University in Worcester but is a basketball fan. He often finds solace in the sport whenever he has time. He enjoys playing the game himself, as he did in Boston in May 2024, but what he loves even more is watching the Boston Celtics play. With a delicious burger and fries by his side, cheering for his home team is one of his favorite activities. He has musical talents and likes to pick up and strum his guitar occasionally, although his hectic schedule has made it challenging to find the time recently.

Justin Assad’s Family Are Proud of All His Accomplishments

The 27-year-old Justin Assad comes from a large Lebanese-Irish family and has always enjoyed strong support from his relatives. His father, who played football at Springfield’s American International College, has been his biggest inspiration. Justin is entering a new profession and knows he has his family’s unwavering support. His two sisters, Cassidy and Gabby Assad, along with his older brother, Mark Assad, were the ones who encouraged him to join a reality TV series. Seeing how far Justin has come fills them with pride. With this strong network of support and encouragement, Justin feels confident he can conquer anything with his family by his side.

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