Bryton Constantin: Where is the Perfect Match Star Now?

Aside from bringing hot singles together, Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ Season 2 also features some of the most famous celebrities from different reality TV shows. One of these popular celebrities is Bryton Constantin, a former contestant on ‘Squid Game: The Challenge.’ The same dedication he showed in that series was evident this season, as he was determined to win. His cute looks and confident demeanor attracted much attention, and one particular lady caught his interest the most. Whether this connection lasted and helped him advance in the game remains a lingering question in fans’ minds.

Bryton Constantin and His Partner Got Into a Lot of Fights

Bryton Constantin, famously known as “Player 432” from Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ had big plans to participate in the second season of ‘Perfect Match.’ From the initial moments when the contestants were getting to know each other, he showed interest in Dominique and felt a connection with her. However, he clarified that his primary goal was to win the game, and nothing would stand in the way. If Dominique could help him achieve this, it would be great; if not, he would look for a new partner.

When Bryton got to talk to Dominique alone, he made it clear that he appreciated her confidence in showing interest in him. He liked how directly she approached him, and, in turn, he straightforwardly asked if she wanted to pair up with him, to which she agreed. However, it wasn’t only a short time before tensions arose between the couple. On their first night together, they argued about yoga. Dominique practiced yoga religiously and considered it essential for her physical wellness, but Bryton viewed it merely as a relaxing activity with little contribution to physical fitness.

The first time Bryton and Dominique participated in a game together, they had another disagreement. They came very close to winning, but he admitted that he had been copying the strategies of the winning couple. Dominique responded by telling him he should communicate with her instead, as it was a compatibility challenge. She felt he was talking down to her and not appreciating her input. This incident revealed the cracks in their relationship, and when Dominique had the opportunity to go on a date with a new contestant, she readily agreed.

Dominique noticed that her new partner was interested in her and felt more at peace with him than with Bryton. When it was time for the girls to choose their partners for the next game, Dominique did not pair up with Bryton, leading to his elimination. As he left, he asserted that he was not done and promised he would be coming back.

Bryton Constantin is a Fitness Influencer Today

Bryton Constantin has become an integral part of the Netflix family, having participated in two of their shows. Now a full-fledged reality TV superstar, his growing fandom has translated into a substantial social media following. He has diligently built a strong online presence and is now closely associated with the clothing brand Fashion Nova and its subsidiary, NovaMEN, which focuses on men’s fashion. He frequently showcases their outfits, offers special coupons, and promotes the brand through his unique style.

Bryton has also collaborated with EHPlabs, a manufacturer of vitamins and supplements supporting physical fitness. He claims to use their products himself, and as a fitness enthusiast, he is an ideal representative for the company. He is highly motivated by physical fitness, considering his gym time sacred. He has promoted gyms like Zoo Culture and always seeks better recommendations to share with his fans.

Apart from his Instagram, where Bryton has about 72k followers, he is also active on YouTube, posting vlogs and fitness routines. He engages with fans on Snapchat and TikTok, and they can connect with him through the Cameo app. One standout aspect of Bryton is his determination to succeed. Having left Clemson University in his last semester, he is working hard to succeed in the media and entertainment industry and has made a notable impact. The Clemson, South Carolina, resident has come a long way but it seems like he is just getting started and has a long way to go.

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