Squid Game The Challenge Season 1: Where Are the Contestants Now?

Image Credit: Pete Dadds/Netflix

Every viewer of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is intimately aware of just how much the players contribute to the entertainment value of the show. While the series does an excellent job of making ‘Squid Game‘ a reality, it’s the stories of the various contestants that help us decide just who to root for. With a season 1 finale that has continued to create waves, the world is eager to know where their favorites from the competition are these days!

Mai Whelan is a Virginia Resident

Mai Whelan (Player 287), who emerged as the winner of season 1, has recently become active on social media thanks to Sam Lantz. The online fan community has been more than open to expressing their support for her, especially in the light of her winning $4.56 million. Living in Fairfax County, Virginia, the Vietnamese-American contestant works as an Immigration Adjudicator in Fairfax County, Virginia, hoping to ease the process for others.

Phill Cain Has Started Their Own Band

The runner-up of season 1, Phill Cain, AKA Player 451, recently moved to New Jersey from Honolulu, Hawaii. They are a Scuba Instructor by profession and are also active in the world of Quadball. As of writing, Phill is affiliated with Team Brazil, New York Titans, and New York Slice Quadball. The Netflix star has recently started his own band called Six Ways to Saturday (pop punk/alternative rock) alongside Morgan Celentano and Tyler. Phill also completed one year of their relationship with Mac Abraham in May 2023, and the two are looking forward to what life brings next.

Sam Lantz is a Business Owner Today

One of the three finalists of the Netflix show, Sam Lantz (Wells), AKA Player 16, seems to be thriving in his life. Though he was unfortunately eliminated just before securing a spot in the top 2, the contestant has not been lacking in support from the show’s fans. As of writing, he serves as the Founder of Beard Giant, a company dedicated to the care and grooming of beards. Additionally, Sam is the owner of Uncle Studio, through which he offers artistic services, though, at present, he does not seem to be accepting commissions. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the reality TV star is happily married to Doug and works with him as a morning television producer. He also enjoys spending time in the company of his dogs, Moo and Duke.

Ashley Tolbert is Back to Being a Mom

Let’s now talk about Ashley Tolbert, who was seen in the show as Player 278. The contestant is now based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has gained much attention from people across the world due to her performance in the series. She is now a Civil Rights Investigator for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in relation to HIPAA Investigations. She is also an avid bodybuilder and took part in the May 2022 Cydney Gillon Peach Classic event. More than anything, she seems to adore her son, whom she missed very much during the production of the Netflix show.

Roland Hannigan is a Competitor at Heart

Roland Hannigan, AKA Player 418, lives in Greenville, South Carolina. A highly skilled parkour artist, he not only takes part in competitive events for the same but also teaches others about it. A part of World Chase Tag’s Team Ollo, the reality TV star works alongside MOTIVE School Of Movement as a Coach. He is also quite popular on social media, with nearly 38K Instagram followers and over 1.5K YouTube subscribers.

Amanda Taylor is Checking Off Her Bucket List

A bold and confident presence in the Netflix show, Amanda Taylor wowed the world in her capacity as Player 19. A former member of the British Royal Navy, the reality TV star has impressed everyone with her strategic gameplay. Highly proud of her career advancements, Amanda now works as an HR Manager. Primarily based in Liverpool, England, she enjoys traveling and was quite recently enjoying the charms of Paris, the French capital city. In fact, Amanda seems to be on a quest to check off things from her bucket list, like taking her kids to Florida’s Disneyland.

Rose Mary Kah is Proud of Her Cameroonian Roots

Having grown up in Cameroon, Rose Mary Kah Gang Tangiye (Player 51) remains immensely proud of her roots and culture. Having dreamt of being a nun as a child, she is a woman of faith who believes in the strength of love and peace. Rose now lives in Joliet, Illinois, and works as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for Duly Health, a position she obtained in May 2020.

Hallie Parrott Has Been in a Relationship For Four Years

Seen in the Netflix show at the age of 24, Hallie Parrott, AKA Player 355, was one of the top players in the competition. Professionally, the reality TV star is thriving, as evidenced by her position as an Account Executive for Branded. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Hallie is in a loving relationship with Dan Plassa, having recently celebrated their fourth anniversary. She is also close to her sister, Lucy Parrott, whose education was one of the reasons why Hallie wanted to bag the impressive cash prize. In September 2023, she celebrated her 25th birthday with much happiness and a hopeful outlook for the future.

Elliott Burgess Enjoys Spending Time With Friends

Based in Esher, Surrey, England, Elliott Burgess was one of the top 9 participants in the Netflix show and has impressed many. The reality TV star has been a part of Portfolio Management Research since November 2021 and became a Senior Business Development Executive for the same in December 2022. He was also serving as the Global Business Development Executive from November 2021 to January 2023. When not working hard, Elliot seems to enjoy spending time with his friends and family.

Trey Plutnicki is in a Happy Relationship

Trey Plutnicki, AKA Player 301, gained much fame during his time in the Netflix series thanks to his heart-winning actions in the show. The reality TV star lives in Chicago, Illinois, and works as an actor. Affiliated with Gray Talent Group, he works for the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah, as an Actor. As for his health concerns, Trey has made a remarkable recovery from the time that his lungs collapsed on July 6, 2022.

In fact, Trey quite recently ran a marathon in Wisconsin, urged on by his family and friends. He also completed two years of his relationship with Cecilia Iole in July 2023. The couple can often be seen supporting each other, and the latter is certainly proud of all the recognition that her partner has gained. Indeed, as of writing, Trey has over 28K Instagram followers.

LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki is Retired and Thriving

Seen in the Netflix show alongside her son Trey Plutnicki, LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki (Player 302) is a retired New York Times Senior Editor. Apart from Trey, she also has two daughters named Emma and Ali Plutnicki, whose milestones she is always happy to celebrate. An avid supporter of encouraging the youth to be more interested in sports, LeAnn now lives in River Edge, Bergen County, New Jersey, and has gained a massive fan following due to her time on the show, with more than 11K followers on Instagram alone.

Bryton Constantin Remains Close to His Mother

Through positive and negative reactions, Bryton Constantin, AKA Player 432, has been able to easily make a place for himself in the limelight thanks to his polarizing performance in the show. The Clemson University alumnus turned 23 in October 2023 and seems on the path to becoming a popular figure in the hearts of reality TV fans. Bryton remains close to his mother, Candace Constantin Narcisse, whom he could not help but praise in the show. He has now become a content creator with a primary focus on fitness and fashion, along with an Instagram following of over 65K.

Rick Mercurio is Now Spending Time With Family

A resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Richard “Rick” Mercurio (Player 232) continues to work as a Physician and is seemingly associated with Armstrong Center for Medicine and Health as well as UPMC St. Margaret Emergency Department. Additionally, he has continued to build up his skills as a beekeeper and takes much delight in spending time with them. More than anything, though, Rick likes to be in the company of his children and grandchildren. As a grandfather of 18, the Netflix star is proud of every milestone in his grandkids’s lives, including the first communion attended by two of his grandkids in May 2023.

Stephen Lomas is a Father of Two

Stephen Lomas (Player 243) is actually quite a big name on the internet. Along with his friends, the Kansas City, Missouri, resident has converted their moving company to an organization dedicated to content creation under the banner of KC Boys (previously known as Let’s Get Moving). Stephen himself has over 184K Instagram and 393K TikTok followers. He is also in a very loving relationship with Alix Blahnik, and their shared Instagram account boasts a fan following of over 252K followers, along with a YouTube subscriber count of over 866K. More than anything, though, Stephen takes joy in his role as a father to two beautiful girls, Aurora and Miya Lomas.

Lorenzo Nobilio is Exploring His Creative Side

Up next, we have Lorenzo Nobilio, AKA Player 161, who has created a fan following of his own. The reality TV star recently shared how he left his job as a corporate employee in March 2023 and has been trying to explore more creative paths and new avenues. Prior to this, he worked as a Private Equity Asset Manager for Global Mutual. With over 18K Instagram followers, the reality TV star has been exploring the world quite recently and certainly seems eager to explore every new opportunity that his life after his television debut has to offer.

Phalisia Boothe is Now an Enterpreneur

Having created a significant impact in the Netflix show, Phalisia Boothe (Player 229), who turned 30 in August 2023, certainly seems to be content in life. The reality TV star is happily married to Valerie Booth, and the two have a beautiful daughter named Zayn, who celebrated her second birthday on September 9, 2023. A former Leasing Agent Supervisor, Phalisia is now the proud owner of Key Sweepz, a cleaning company. The Colorado native has stated that she knows the ins and outs of the fields thanks to her experience in the real estate industry.

Bee Dee Recently Visited Los Angeles

From her impactful introduction to an iconic exit, Bee Dee (Player 19) had an on-screen run to remember. The Netflix star is now based in London, England, and ia an active professional part of the gaming industry. She has also become quite popular on the internet thanks to her performance in the show as well as her content in general. Bee recently visited Los Angeles, California, to meet up with many of her fellow co-stars, with whom she remains on good terms.

Charlise Chaney Lives in Texas

After her impressive performance in the ‘Squid Game’ spinoff, Charlise Chaney, AKA Player 179, has undoubtedly earned her fair share of fans. Based in Houston, Texas, she actually works as an Algebra I Team Lead for Alief Independent School District. In fact, Chaney has been working there since August 2014, having previously served as a Teller for JPMorgan Chase. More recently, she seems hopeful about entering the world of public speaking and seeing what the private sector has to offer.

TJ Stukes is Happily Married

Let’s now discuss Timothy “TJ” Stukes, AKA Player 182, who became quite famous thanks to his leadership skills in the Netflix series. Presently, he is quite happily married to Samantha Stukes, a woman he cannot help but praise at every opportunity. Together, the couple has two children named Amare (13) and Alana (10) Aofia-Stukes. Retired from the world of professional basketball as a player, TJ is now the Men’s and Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach for Northern New Mexico College. Additionally, he serves as the Basketball Operations Chief Advisor of Southwest Desert Hoops.

Chad Van Horn Has His Own Law Firm Today

Chad Von Horn, AKA Player 286, was one of the most prominent players in the Netflix series who progressed in the show thanks to a mixture of physical prowess and social skills. The Robert Morris University graduate is a Founding Partner for Van Horn Law Group and has held the position since February 2012. Additionally, he is the Legal Counsel to the Board of Directors/Board Member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward CountyBig, having obtained the role in August 2013. Though a well-traveled man, Chad also seems to find comfort in the company of his adorable dog, Chuckles.

Dash Katz is Set to Appear in a Movie

Up next, we have Dash Katz (Player 141), whose explosive exit from the series is one of the most memorable moments. Based in New York City, New York, they are exploring their talents as an actor, singer, model, and host, having been a part of the entertainment world since the age of 11. More recently, Dash was one of the models that represented Tilted Lotus during the New York City Fashion Week in 2023. In teh recent future, we will also get to see Dash as an actor in ‘Reflect,’ in which they essay the role of a cult leader named Zero. Associated with several modeling agencies, Dash is also an Audible narrator and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Kien Vuu is Married and Has Two Kids

A resident of Los Angeles, Kien Vuu, AKA Dr. V (Player 330), is a well-respected medical professional. With several notable achievements under his belt, he currently serves as a freelance
keynote speaker under the banner of Thrive State. He is also the Founder of VuuMD Performance and Longevity and has served as a Television and Media Expert in health and wellness matters for networks like HBO, Netflix, CBS, and many more.

Additionally, Kien is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. The reality TV star also has a website and YouTube channel through which he promotes his business and ideas. The medical expert has a triple board certification and is recognized by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. As for his personal life, Kien is happily married to Tiffany Lee and is the father of Kira and Kaia.

Dani Templet Apologized to Co-Star Mothi

Dani Templet, who is seen in the Netflix show as Player 134, is doing quite well in life. The reality TV star works as an intern for Disney World in Orlando, Florida, under the job title of Guest Experience Manager. She obtained this position in June 2023, though her association with the theme park is significantly longer. Interestingly, Dani turned 24 in the same month and seems eager to see what life brings next. Quite recently, she shared how apologizing to Mutty “Mothi” B (Player 200) was one of the first things she did after her exit from the show, as she had been directly responsible for his elimination.

Kyle Lives in Kentucky

Having led to the first non-game elimination in ‘Squid Game The Challenge,’ Kyle, AKA Player 101, certainly made an impact on the show, even if the decision was anonymous. The Kentucky native has previously explained how he is often underestimated for his country accent, mullet, and redneck, among other things. While his own journey in the show did not last long, Kyle earned much love from the viewers and is now working in the customer services industry.

Spencer Hawkins is Entering the World of Theatre

Having made his reality TV debut through the Netflix series, Spencer Hawkins, AKA Player 299, is eager to explore his creative horizons. A resident of Davidson, North Carolina, he is a graduate of Davidson College, having earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Theater. In May 2021, Spencer shared with the world how he had been diagnosed with a “malignant cancerous tumor” three months prior but was able to make a full recovery. The contestant recently expressed his eagerness about the three creative projects he has undertaken and how he was excited to talk about them. One of these is a one-man show that will debut in April 2024. The software engineer also shared how he decided to end his long-term relationship after his time on the show, as many of his fellow players pointed out the toxic nature of his ongoing relationship.

Jackie Gonzalez Has a Business with Her Sister

An out and proud member of the dead community, Jackie Gonzalez appeared in ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ as Player 293. The reality TV star has since amassed an impressive fan following, as evident by her over 22K Instagram followers. She is also one half of Jack and Bec and is building up the brand alongside her sister, Becca Marie. The company used to be The Wednesdays Art but has since been renamed to reflect its roots better.

Jada Sasha is Exploring the World of Fashion

Hailing from Ocean County, New Jersey, Jada Sasha (Player 97) has gained much love and support from her loved ones for her reality TV debut. The competitor works as a Marketing Coordinator and had plans to help with kidney donations. Primarily, though, Jada’s interests lie in the field of fashion, and she enjoys creating eye-catching looks. She also seems to be on good terms with many of her fellow cast members from the show.

Figgy Figueroa is Happily Engaged

A contestant of ‘Survivor‘ season 33, Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa appeared on the Netflix show as Player 33. She now works as a Science Teacher for 6th grade at Valor Collegiate Academies. Now enjoying her fame from the ‘Squid Game’ spinoff, Figgy seems to be on cloud nine at the moment. A large part of it can likely be attributed to her recent engagement with her partner, Austin Dirks, following a hiking proposal from the latter in early November 2023.

Husnain Asif is Popular on TikTok

Let’s now talk about Husnain Asif, AKA Player 198, whose on-screen journey was certainly an interesting one, given his unique form of elimination. The reality TV star lives in Middlesbrough, England, and has a massive TikTok following. he started making content on the platform while he was a student at Queen Mary University and the first Covid-19 lockdown started. Husnain has since only grown in fame and now has over 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

Mothi is Focused on Family and Work

The first contestant to be eliminated by dormitory tests, Mothi, AKA Mutty B, was seen in the Netflix show as Player 200. Having entered the competition in hopes of bettering the lives of his loved ones, the UK citizen has since been focused on his professional and personal lives. A proud father to a daughter, Mothi has shared how he is hoping to better himself when it comes to fitness and physical activities. The Residential Field Technician is also quite excited to talk about his reality TV debut, having recently appeared on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Darius is a Beloved Musician

Darius, AKA Darius the Barbarian, appeared in the Netflix series as Player 176. While his loyalty cost him his place in the competition, he earned several fans in return. Based in New York City, he is a well-traveled man, having visited countries like India and South Korea. Blending his skills and personal experiences, Darius creates music that one truly cannot help but appreciate. He recently shared the demo version of his song “Too Much” with his fans and has several beloved songs like “Bonafide,” “On Screen,” and “Best Boy.”

Dan Bartolomeo is a Proud Father of Five

Part of the Gganbu Gang, Daniel “Dan” Bartolomeo (Player 204) certainly impressed the world with his gameplay and loyalty. Based in New Jersey, he is a Physician Assistant but takes the most pride in his role as a father. With five amazing kids, the reality TV star entered the show at the age of 51 and has been recapping the episodes of season 1 on social media alongside his son. He is happily married to Ashlee Bartolomeo and enjoys live comedy shows along with exercising.

Starla Heinz is Entertaining Masses with Her Humor

Originally from San Francisco, California, Starla Heinz, AKA Starla White (Player 318), had a very brief run on the show but was able to shine even during that brief window of television limelight. Having worked alongside artists like Jamie Foxx and Anthony Anderson in the past, she now lives in Riverside County and has been a Probation Officer since 2007. That said, she has also reentered the world of comedy and often performs at live stand-up shows as a SAG-AFTRA member. More than anything, Starla is proud to be a mother to her kids and is always happy to act as a maternal figure to those in need.

Dylan Scanlon Has Decided to Solely Focus on Acting

Based in Canton, New York, Dylan Scanlon (Player 65) is a graduate of Ithaca College. He is quite close to his mother, Kelly Scanlon Canary, and was recently working with Complexity Gaming as the company’s Short Form Content Coordinator. However, he left the job in November 2023 to focus solely on his acting career, which he has been pursuing since April 2022. Over the years, the reality TV star has taken part in several projects and is a skilled social media user.

Jordan Levoux Lives in Australia Today

Having breezed through the highly taxing game of Marbles, Jordan Levoux, AKA Player 222, easily garnered the attention of the viewers. The Australian man is close to his mother, Tatianja, having hoped to help her retire if he won the show. Living in Sydney, Australia, Jordan is a swimming teacher with a particular interest in surfing. Primarily, he works as a model and is partnered with FiveTwenty Model Management. In fact, in February 2023, he was featured in The Perfect Man magazine.

Purna Biswa is a Man of Many Talents

Born in Nepal, Purna Biswa, AKA Player 31, was one of the core members of the Gganbu Gang. Based in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, the reality TV star is a man of many talents. Currently, he is working as a Cloud Solution Specialist (III) for Hyland. However, he is exploring his talents as a photographer under the banner of Purna Photography. Purna is also an actor, writer, and public speaker. In fact, he has written several Nepali songs over the years. However, he is perhaps most well-known for his affable nature, which has helped him become a favorite of many.

Mikie Bowe Loves His Five Children

Based in Belfast, United Kingdom, Mikie Bowe, AKA Player 254, is a father of five children, which include his three stepchildren. The reality TV star primarily stays at home to serve as a full-time carer. He has described four of his five children as having “special needs.” Additionally, Mikie is active on various content creation platforms where he is quite beloved. Presently, he has over 330K TikTok Followers, along with a following count of more than 1.2K on Twitch, where he plays games like Phasmophobia, Our Secret Below, Among Us, and Twelve Minutes.

Aurora Victoria is Not Happy With Dylan Scanlon

Let’s now focus on Aurora Victoria (Player 399), who seems to be still upset about her elimination alongside Dylan Scanlon. “The truth of the matter is, I was never going to make it out of that game. Even if I made three and he made zero. He would have found a way to delegitimize my win so I couldn’t proceed,” she shared on Instagram, which has garnered much support from the viewers. Presently, Aurora is based in London, England, and works as a Management Consultant. She is also quite active on TikTok, with over 60K followers.

Marina Palladino Has Two Kids

Marina Palladino, AKA Player 77, was one of the top performers in the show, which is a feat worthy of praise. The reality TV contestant now lives in Massachusetts as an Electrical Apprentice. More than anything, Marina finds joy in spending time with her family. She is in a happy relationship with her partner, Jeremy, and is a proud mother of two. Her oldest, Asher, turned 4 in October 2023, while her youngest, Carmine, celebrated his first birthday on June 23, 2023.

James Davisson Creating a Life for Himself in South Korea

Eliminated in the game of Glass Bridge, James Davisson, AKA Player 269, was one of the top 20 players in the show and celebrated his 27th birthday in July 2023. The reality TV star is primarily based in South Korea, where he works as an English teacher to those who come from North Korea. In fact, it was due to the encouragement of his students that he decided to partake in the reality series. James recently spent a significant amount of time in the USA around October 2023, which allowed him to enjoy the company of his friends and family.

Jesse Jeffers Has a Girlfriend

All the way from Arkansas, we have Jesse Jeffers, AKA Player 183, who appeared in the Netflix show at the age of 23. though seemingly not very active on social media. Having previously trained in boot camp, Jesse now works as a Real Estate Broker with Edge Realty. Now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jesse is in a relationship with Kelley and is a part-time member of the Arkansas Air National Guard. He also has a dog named Caesar, whom he adores very much.

Kyle Christiansen is Thriving Professionally and Personally

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kyle Christiansen (Player 87) is one of the Owners/Brokers of Blue Realty of Fort Lauderdale alongside Madison Gianchetta Hinkle. The real estate agent is quite happily married to Marisa Christiansen and is the father of three children, including two boys (Riley and Colton) and a girl named Harper. Kyle’s strategy in the Netflix show did help him progress significantly, but he also found himself facing unfavorable odds.

Favour David Iyawe is a Spanish Resident

Seen in the Netflix show as Player 2, Favour David Iyawe now lives in Madrid, Spain. The reality TV contestant is not only pursuing the line of acting but is also a proficient singer. Over the years, he has actually been a part of various theatrical and on-screen productions. Additionally, he is a fan of traveling and dancing and also seems partial to rollerblading.

Yu Hannah Kim is a Mother of Two

Having gained much love from the viewers of the ‘Squid Game’ spinoff, Yu Hannah Kim, AKA Player 319, has over 31K Instagram followers. The former President and one of the Co-Founders of Youble decided to put her professional journey on hold in order to be a stay-at-home mother to her two beautiful daughters and son. Happily married for thirteen years, the reality TV star enjoys partaking in physically challenging activities like parkour.

Chaz Roquemore Calls Texas His Home

Let’s now talk about Charles “Chaz” Roquemore, AKA Player 221, who lives in Houston, Texas. The reality TV star holds his family close to his heart and enjoys the company of his friends. Working as a Customer Service Deputy Director, Chaz is well-versed in the customer service industry. The Texas native seems to enjoy traveling, especially in good company, and has been quite excited about his first-ever series.

Chase Higgenz is Pursuing a Career as an Entertainer

Having come to the show alongside Stephen Lomas, Chase Higgenz had a very short journey in the Netflix show as Player 242. Apart from being part of the KC Boys group, he is also a player for the Kansas City Blues Rugby Club. Partnered with Joe Flowers Talent, Chase is also looking forward to furthering himself in the entertainment industry. At present, he has around 70K Instagram followers, and his popularity is only on the rise.

Adrian Alaberg is in a Happy Marriage Today

Living in Perth, Australia, Adrian Alaberg (Player 270) created quite an impact on everyone thanks to his performance in the initial part of the Netflix series. Since December 2022, he has been the Presenter and Director of Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking & Leadership, through which he helps coach others in the art of public speaking. Additionally, he often takes up hosting gigs as an event MC/Speaker. Married to Krystal Alajbeg, the reality TV star will celebrate his 31st birthday in March 2024.

Jessi DiPette is Based in Virginia

Jessi DiPette, AKA Player 220, presently lives in Virginia and seems quite happy. The ‘Squid Game’ spinoff contestant has survived a brain tumor and now works as a Marketing Director as well as a Fitness Instructor. She also has a blog named Brain (Un)Dead, where she previously shared details of her surgeries in a humorous way. As for her personal life, Jessi has been married to her husband, Chasen Mcgarrah, since April 3, 2021.

Amanda “Brownie” Brown Has Been Traveling Around the World

Having lost in the game of Warships, Amanda “Brownie” Brown (Player 258) had to end her on-screen journey. Now living in New Jersey, the reality TV star works as a Teacher as well as a Bartender. Additionally, she is affiliated with Inferno Agency as a model. She also seems fond of traveling and has a YouTube channel dedicated to her time on the Netflix show. Earlier in the year, Brownie actually visited Italy, Spain, Morocco, and various other places.

Joel Jay Lane is a KPop Star

Interestingly, Joey Jay Lane, AKA Player 375, is actually a well-known artist in the South Korean entertainment industry thanks to his music and additional creative skills. Having been a part of Beyond The Limit (BTL) from 2014 to 2015, he joined three other former members of the band to perform in JTBC’s ‘Peak Time.’ Presently, he is one of the hosts of Korean Cowboys alongside Aaron Kwak. Joel is also affiliated with Image 9 Communications and has over 25K Instagram followers.

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