Darius: Squid Game Player 176 is Now Continuing His Music Journey

Although Player 176 Darius the Barbarian wasn’t extremely prominent in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ before suddenly being eliminated during Test #4, he still managed to win a lot of hearts. That’s because he was in an alliance with Charlise Chaney, TJ Stukes, and Jesse Jeffers at the time, which he held true to at every step of the way — that’s actually what led to his unexpected booting. The truth is he was loyal to his people rather than cunning, dishonest, or rude, so he relayed details to his team the moment he learned someone was talking badly about their unofficial leader, Chaney.

This individual thus ended up getting eliminated at the hands of Jesse so on after, only for fellow player 087 Kyle to notice their unwavering alliance and kick out Darius in an attempt to weaken them. All of this really went down within mere minutes during the Jack in the Box Test in episode 5, leaving absolutely everyone shocked to their core because a total of 7 players said goodbye in this chaos. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about Darius — with a particular focus on his background, his experiences, as well as his current standing — we’ve got most of the necessary details for you.

Where is Darius Today?

It was back when Darius was just Darius Wilson growing up in Miami, Florida, that he first developed a passion for hip-hop and ghetto tech, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. However, it reportedly took this youngster years to truly understand music was his sole dream, driving him to drop out of pre-med as a sophomore at Florida SouthWestern State College for good. This is when he kickstarted a rather spontaneous journey to find himself, just to somehow end up in New York City to evolve into a fashion model and public figure before eventually embracing his rapping skills.

“When I first started making music, my first lesson was rap is a crafted art form,” Darius once said. “It comes in many styles, shapes and sizes. This was the school I’m supposed to be in, and it gives me the biggest drive. I hustled really hard. Learning the ropes of taking this game serious. I met people who believed in me, and they gave me opportunities that fueled doing what I love.” He then added his road to success wasn’t “as smooth as you think. But that’s how this works. You often ask yourself, ‘How much would I sacrifice to get there,” and you’re stuck in between fear and uncertainty; that’s the internal battle. But the dream is much bigger than this. Struggle builds character, and character makes people.”

Darius even expressed his “most important lesson is to not let personal feelings get in the way of making art. The project is the bigger picture than the feelings. Value yourself.” It hence comes as no surprise this New York resident specializes in blending heavy rap lyrics over creative music, all the while also embracing himself as a Black, gay, fashion-forward man. Though the two things he’s arguably most proud of these days are his ability to still write all his own lyrics with narratives that portray his authentic self and having completed incredibly successful tours in countries such as India as well as South Korea. Some of his original singles include “Bonafide,” “On Screen,” “Best Boy,” plus “Talk Yo Shyt,” so make sure to show your support by streaming them now.

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