Lorenzo Nobilio: Squid Game Player 161 is Now Pursuing a Creative Path

If there is one thing Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is well-known for, it is the sheer variety of its contestants. While some of the players come to the show simply to have a good time, others are very clear about their intention to win it all and take the prize home. This includes season 1’s Lorenzo Nobilio, AKA Player 161, who did not care about how others perceived him as long as his goal remained within reach. However, some of his actions did earn him the scorn of others.

That is not to say that Loreonzo did not try to give it back when he found himself in danger of elimination. After all, any good player tries their level best to stay in a competition for as long as possible. That said, he did lose some reputation in the eyes of a few of his fellow contestants due to some of his actions surrounding the system of food distribution that was being followed in the show, though some of the more eagle-eyed viewers only found it fitting, given the events in ‘Squid Game.’

Lorenzo’s exit from the show was certainly unique, given the circumstances surrounding it all. However, he did not walk away from the show completely empty-handed, having earned numerous fans who could not help but appreciate his drive when it came to the game. As such, many in the public are eager to know about the current whereabouts of Lorenzo, the player who undoubtedly left an impact on those who have come to love the reality show.

Where is Lorenzo Nobilio Now?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lorenzo had been active in the world of private equity as an asset manager. The ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ shared how he had firmly believed that this was the path he was destined for. However, things seemingly changed entirely after the world came to a stop due to the major health crisis. “I feel after the pandemic, the dream is completely shattered,” Lorenzo explained in the show.


“Now, I’m just attracted to creative stuff. I actually think I don’t believe in the values of the corporate world anymore. There are no rules. Like break free from everything,” Lorenzo added during his Netflix appearance. He passionately shared how one should stop caring about what others might have to say about one’s life choices. “Do what you want. Like, this is your only chance. And this, all of this, everything is gonna be gone,” the contestant emphasized.

During his time on the show, many of Lorenzo’s cast members did not find themselves getting along with him. However, he simply shared that he was not someone who went out of his way to be friendly. “I don’t really care about that, and I know if there’s that energy in the room, they would just come to me, and they would be loyal friends, and I’m sure of that,” Lorenzo clarified, explaining how does not like “people pleasers.”

However, Lorenzo’s vehement refusal to be diplomatic did not seem to work in his favor during his time in the Netflix competition. Ultimately, the contestant found himself on the chopping block during an elimination vote. Despite the fact that the process worked based on a majority vote, Lorenzo felt like LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki was to blame for his situation since she was the one to vote for him first, and others simply followed her lead.

Following his time on the Netflix show, Lorenzo apparently left his job as a Private Equity Asset Manager for Global Mutual. “In March 2023, I took a leap into the unknown and left my job. I was looking for meaning and was deep into thinking how fake and mechanic everything is, obsessively. Wondering what pure emotions and joy were within capitalism and 9-5. More than anything, I was scared,” he shared on Instagram.

“I’m still struggling with a sense of guilt, which I’m trying to let go of from not following a “safer” path,” Lorenzo further explained. “I had my high-paying job and what’s considered a great career in front of me. I don’t have an answer – but I would choose breaking “life rules” over what you’re supposed to do every day.” Recently, the reality TV star has been traveling to places across the world and seems to be doing well when it comes to fulfilling his desire to live life to the fullest. He is also quite popular on social media, with over 13K Instagram followers.

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