Starla White: Squid Game Contestant is Now a Stand-up Comic

With Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ breaking all bounds of reality television by revolving around 456 players as they compete to win $4.56 million, we truly get a production unlike any other. That’s because not only is this series the near-perfect adaptation of the 2021 South Korean original, but it also comprises the largest single grand prize ever in non-fictional, silver screen history. Yet if we’re being honest, the diverse set of cast members alone was enough to have kept us engaged every step of the way — amongst whom was actually Starla White (or Starla Heinz; player 318).

“It’s like ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,'” Starla candidly said in the show at one point while opening up about why she chose to step into this high-stakes contest. “Going after the golden ticket… Who’s not in debt? We’re facing a recession. I mean, I had to – – I’m not getting paid at work for this. But you’re dreaming; you’re taking a chance. What’s that like, to be able to pay off your house? What’s that like, to be able to pay off your car? I know these may be simple dreams, but what’s that like? Yeah, I got my own dreams. Thye may not be much, but I got dreams too.”

It thus comes as no surprise Starla was determined to make it till the very end, which she even backed with the skills she has acquired from real-life experiences as well as a sense of confidence. After all, despite being in her early 60s, this California native and family woman is extremely fit considering she’s an active Officer in the Probation Department in the local Greater Los Angeles area. But alas, the truth is she got “killed” within a few minutes itself because she couldn’t maintain her balance — the very first installment of the very first game, Red Light Green Light, was when she fell.

Where is Starla White Now?

As a true San Francisco native, Starla grew up with hippies on one side of the street and Black Panthers on the other, making her evolve independently as well as individually from an early age. This is reportedly around the same time she developed an unwavering passion for performing arts, driving her to soon relocate to Southern California in the hopes of landing a spot in Hollywood. Hence began her hustle, enabling her to land a ton of background work alongside big names such as Jamie Foxx and Anthony Anderson before she had to pause to care for her kids as a single mom.

It is for her children that Starla ostensibly enrolled at Cal State LA College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology in 2002, just to earn a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice plus Corrections. Though it’s evident this field was of her genuine interest, especially since she proudly serves as a Probation Officer to this day — it’s been over 16 years (2007-present), and she’s still going strong.

Moreover, it appears as if this Riverside County resident Starla has recently begun dabbling into the entertainment industry again, yet this time as a SAG-AFTRA member plus a Stand-up Comic. She mostly goes by Starla Heinz for this, but she does also often refers to herself as Everyone’s Favourite Auntie (as seen in her Instagram handle) since she truly keeps her door open for everybody. In fact, this 61-year-old may be a comedian claiming that her “boujee family members ignore me, but my ghetto family members adore me. I’m your ride or die Auntie,” but she’s a strong mother too — so, she’s a matrical figure for everyone in need, all the while being funny.

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