Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa: Squid Game Player 033 is Now Engaged

As a reality competition series breaking all bounds by revolving around 456 players from across the globe as they strive to win $4.56 million, Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is unlike any other. That’s because not only is it an adaptation of the 2021 eponymous South Korean original, but these aforecited numbers also make it the most ambitious broadcast production yet within this genre. Though if we’re being honest, its incredibly intriguing cast alone was enough to have kept us engaged every step of the way — amongst whom was actually Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa (Player 033).

The truth is that while most contenders were strategizing in cunning ways to get one step ahead of their peers, Figgy was genuinely enjoying herself by building personal connections to last a lifetime. The prime example is her association with player 301 Trey Plutnicki, with whom she got so close in mere days that he openly asked her to care for his mom (player 302, LeAnn Plutnicki) if something happened to him. “This experience,” she candidly said in the show to make her intentions clear, “you’re just ripped away from so much and everything you know. You really have to rely on the people around you.”

Figgy added, “I want to be a warm presence for people, where maybe they feel like they’re talking to somebody back home… In a game where people are fighting for $4.56 million, people are going to be incredibly ruthless. People are going to lose their minds, but I want to be a safe base… to where they’re like, ‘I can go to Figgy, and Figgy’s gonna bring me back down. She’s going to calm me down, gonna make me feel better…” In return, I will also have a safe base for them.” Yet alas, despite her solid plans as well as strong position, she ended up getting eliminated in Game 3 because of pure chance.

Where is Figgy Now?

First things first, if you think you’ve seen Figgy somewhere else before but can’t really place your finger on it, she was actually a contestant on season 33 of ‘Survivor‘ back in 2016. However, she soon switched gears and stepped away from entertainment to focus on her career as a 6th-grade teacher, only to make her comeback with arguably the biggest series ever, ‘Squid Game: The Challenge.’ Nevertheless, from what we can tell, she’s now at a point where she’s able to maintain her career as an educator too — she still serves as a 6th Grade Science Teacher at Valor Collegiate Academies.

Coming to her personal standing, it appears as if Figgy currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, alongside the love of her life, Austin Dirks, and their fur baby. Austin actually proposed during a cozy, romantic in early November, so it seems like this reality star, teacher, and family woman is now busy planning her wedding too. Though, as indicated above, this Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) graduate is at such a point in life that she’s able to balance all these aspects side by side without letting anything overwhelm her.

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