Jackie Gonzalez: Where is Squid Game Player 393 Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ being a near-perfect adaptation of fiction to reality, we get a competition series that can only be described as baffling, entertaining, and surprising. After all, it comprises not just 456 players from across the globe competing for a prize of $4.56 million but also additional contests, tests, as well as mind plays no one could’ve seen coming. And amongst those to partake in this original was Jackie Gonzalez (Player 393) — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about her, her experiences, plus her current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

“I’m a lone ranger,” Jackie candidly conceded in the production. “I can work in groups, but I don’t prefer it, you know. There’s something about my hearing loss that I feel like I have to give a lot of energy when socializing with hearing people. I’ve gotta listen. I’ve got to lip-read sometimes. I’ve got to, you know, read the room. It’s a lot of work. To survive [in this merciless game], I’m gonna try my best. I’m gonna do whatever I can to live another day, but I’m not willing to… screw people over” no matter what. That’s also why she stayed well away from the limelight at first.

The truth is Jackie did make a couple of friends in the dormitory as the games/tests went on, yet she also stuck to her true self and didn’t really form any official alliances just to selfishly be safe. She knew that maybe having support would be better in the long run, but she couldn’t risk suddenly becoming a target in the eyes of others or carry the dread of a possible betrayal soon to come. She thus kept mostly to herself, which seemed to work perfectly in her favor — she was not noticed by others, she had the freedom to make her own decisions without influence, plus she was safe.

Jackie Gonzalez is Now a Creative Entrepreneur

San Antonio, Texas, native Jackie may be hearing impaired, yet she doesn’t let anything or anyone hold her back from her passions, interests, or advocacy by simply being in the spotlight. It hence comes as no surprise she never hesitates to watch television/movies, listen to music, and hang out with her people at brunches, dinners, or the beach to live her best possible life. Moreover, and more importantly, she presently appears to be pursuing her dreams as a creative artist/entrepreneur by running the Jack and Bec brand alongside her sister, Becca Marie, all the while also utilizing her social media platform to bring awareness to the deaf community.

Jack and Bec used to be The Wednesdays Art at one point, but the sisters have since rebranded to shine a light upon the real illustrators, designers, as well as makers they are — they assert they’re “just a fat girl and a deaf girl making magic!” You can actually check out either Jackie’s personal online profiles or her brand’s to learn more about their work, commissions, plus products — they currently sell accessories, apparel, art prints, stickers, portraits, along with much more.

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