Survivor Season 7: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Stranded in the Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama, sixteen castaways undertake a challenging journey in ‘Survivor’ to win the top prize. The contestants are marooned in an isolated location without amenities, food, and shelter. As they try to forage for basic necessities and overcome the inhabitable conditions of the wild, a number of dramatic situations follow. Released in 2003, season 7 of the reality television show features an equally enthralling group.

Sandra Diaz-Twine is Spending Time With Family Today

After taking away the top prize on ‘Survivor: Pearl Islands,’ Sandra soon returned to ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains,’ and ended up winning a second time. As the first two-time winner in the show’s history, Sandra has become a household name in ‘Survivor.’ She has also competed on other seasons of the show including, ‘Survivor: Game Changers,’ ‘Survivor: Winners at War,’ ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols,’ and ‘Australian Survivor: Blood v Water.’

As of now, the 48-year-old is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and works as a secretary for a local law firm. Along with her husband Marcus, a career soldier, and their children, Tatiana and Alanna, the reality show legend continues to embark on new adventures. Not just this, Sandra’s daughter Alanna has also appeared on two seasons of ‘Australian Survivor.’

Lillian Morris is Actively Serving as Scoutmaster

After returning as an Outcast, the Ohio-based scoutmaster went on to establish herself as an unbeatable competitor and walked away from the show with the second spot. Since retiring in 2017, Lillian has started spending more time as a scoutmaster and continues to supervise Troop 617. At 71, Lillian continues to experience familial bliss with Lonnie, her husband of almost fifty years. The couple also share new adventures with their children Cyalton and Megan in a city north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jon Dalton is Podcasting and Selling T-Shirts Online

Jon invoked the ire of many after asking his friend Dan to lie and say his grandmother died during the family visits. Nevertheless, his cut-throat approach ultimately led him to the top until he asked to be voted out in order to be with his pregnant girlfriend. After his exit from the show, Jon appeared on ‘Fear Factor,’ ‘Reality Obsessed,’ and on the Tribal Council of ‘Survivor’ in 2004. The star co-hosts the ‘Survivor NSFW’ podcast along with fellow contestant Matt Bischoff. Apart from his stint in entertainment, Jon’s personal life has also been equally vivacious. Jon had a daughter with model Michelle Deighton on January 16, 2008, named Piper Addison Dalton.

However, the couple couldn’t make it work and ultimately separated in 2011. In 2016, Jon married Caryn Finkbeiner, and the duo welcomed their daughter Madilyn Jane Piper the following year. The star is currently with Jessica Kendrick. Apart from this, Jon has also been involved in a stream of controversies. Jon was involved in an altercation with former child star Danny Bonaduce at the Fox Reality Really Awards. In 2020, Jon was arrested on a count of larceny against his grandmother Jean Cook. However, the charges were later dismissed. At 49, the former professional wrestler is based in Virginia with his family and also sells his unique brand of T-shirts online.

Darrah Johnson is Cherishing Family Life

The funeral director presented a physical threat to her castmates and was eventually voted out at the final four. Now, the 42-year-old is highly engaged in her personal life! After her exit, Darrah married Bryan Sparacino, an LSU Football Alumni currently working at GMFS Mortgage as a Loan Officer. The couple and their three beautiful children are based in Los Angeles. Darrah regularly takes to social media to reminisce about her time on ‘Survivor,’ and gush over her children. Darrah has also appeared on Jon Dalton’s podcast and discussed her days on ‘Survivor.’

Burton Roberts is Producing and Enjoying Family Life

After returning to the show as an Outcast, Burton was ultimately bested by his co-stars and came in fifth. After leaving ‘Survivor,’ Burton competed on Bravo TV’s ‘Battle of the Network Reality Stars.’ The marketing executive was especially struck by the dedication of the crew behind-the-scenes that he eventually went on to channel his creativity and explore the horizons of production and writing. Over the years, Burton has worked as an Executive Producer on shows like ‘The Morning After,’ ‘Around the World for Free,’ and ‘The College Tour.’

He has also worked as a creator and executive producer on ‘Camp Reality.’ On the personal front, Burton eventually moved to Austin with his wife and twin girls. The 50-year-old has now traveled to over 60 countries as a producer and enjoys life with his family. The reality star is also a car enthusiast. Burton is also a Partner and Advisor at Texas Triggers and is the CEO of DreamJobbing, LLC, a platform that helps young people with career exploration.

Christa Hastie is Finding Success in New Ventures

While Christa’s alliance with Sandra ensured that she remained a forerunner on the show, she ultimately finished sixth. Aside from her impeccable professional track record, the star also had a misdemeanor on her record for disrupting an officer’s duties by refusing to get off the hood of her car while it was being towed. Nonetheless, the lifeguard and computer programmer continued to explore new avenues of success.

After a while of being engaged to racecar driver Peter Crowley, the duo tied the knot on September 6, 2003. The couple gave birth to their daughter Mischa but ultimately separated. In 2014, Christa found love again and married Dr. Ali Sepahdari, and the couple welcomed their daughter Madelaine the following year. In addition to appearing on ‘Family Feud,’ Christa has achieved professional success in several ways. She also has a YouTube channel called Miss Frit, dedicated to teaching children how to play with dolls and do DIY projects.

Tijuana Bradley is Thriving in Pharmaceutical Sales and Family Life

After notorious gameplay led to her eviction, Tijuana continued her career in Pharmaceutical Sales. At 46, Tijuana has accrued success in her career and currently holds the position of Training Manager. Based in suburban Chicago, Tijuana is an avid traveler and has been to more than 20 countries. Along with her husband, daughter, and dog Spartacus, Tijuana continues to create new milestones personally and professionally.

Rupert Boneham is Overseeing Charitable Organizations and Business Ventures

The clinical mentor for teens placed eighth on the show and later appeared on ‘Survivor: All-Stars,’ ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains,’ ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water.’ Rupert also competed on season 31 of ‘The Amazing Race.’ In 2012, the reality star also competed for the position of Governor of Indiana but ultimately lost to Mike Pence. Along with his wife Laura, and daughter Raya, Rupert has continued to climb a number of hurdles, including a health battle with throat cancer.

At 59, Rupert oversees his organization, Rupert’s Kids and RFB Enterprises. He is also the CEO of Tournament Towers, a transportation company for national television networks like ABC, ESPN, NBC, and FOX. He is also the Vice President for I Saw You On TV, a platform for television forays to display their musical talent.

Ryan Opray is Developing an Eco-Retreat and Caring for Pet

While Ryan’s alliance couldn’t save him from elimination, the star still accrued success outside the show. After his exit, the California-based electrician tried to break into acting as well. After a brief lull, Ryan moved back with his parents after his father got sick. Gratefully, he made a recovery, and Ryan moved to Panama, where he was ultimately robbed at gunpoint in the property he bought to build an eco-retreat house.

Ryan has also appeared in ‘World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challeneg Fiji.’ In addition to working as an Only Fans creator, Ryan is also a devoted carer for his fluffy friend Indy. Since 2018, the 50-year-old has also founded and headed ventures like ‘Ryno’s en la Playa’ and ‘The Buck Ultimate Fitness Bar.’

Andrew Savage is Excelling in Legal Career and Family Life

The intellectual property attorney had enthralled his castmates and viewers with his intelligence and athleticism. Even after leaving the show, Andrew’s capabilities continued to shine. Andrew returned for ‘Survivor: Cambodia’ and displayed his abilities just as well. The reality star continued to climb the ladder of success and ultimately became the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Verizon Media in California.

After more than a decade at the company, Andrew joined Adobe in 2020 as the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Digital Media. Apart from his work, the 59-year-old continues to embark on new adventures with his wife Stephanie and daughters, Mackenzie and Skyleur, who were toddlers during his time on season 7 of ‘Survivor.’

Osten Taylor is Progressing in Sales Now

While his physical acumen set him apart from the rest of the cast members, the Nashua-based equity trade manager couldn’t fit into camp life. The despondent conditions ultimately made him the first person to ever quit the show instead of getting voted out. The decision had irked host Jeff Probst initially, and he felt angry that a contestant would throw away the chance to appear on the show. However, after leaving the show, Osten confessed that he had to walk out due to a grotesque staph infection on his elbows and legs. Nevertheless, Osten’s journey continued even after leaving the island.

Image Credit: Osten Taylor/LinkedIn

Over the years, Osten has appeared on the ‘House of Honcho’ and worked as a stuntman for ‘American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire.’ Osten has also held different positions in companies like Genpact, Avecto, Blackline Systems, and FIS. Currently based in the Greater Boston Area, the 47-year-old is working as an Enterprise Account Executive for Anaplan, a provider of sales, operations, and finance in the Cloud. On the personal front, Osten likes to remain tight-lipped.

Shawn Cohen is Advancing in Advertising Now

Now 48, Shawn has continued to elevate as a professional since his days on ‘Survivor.’ The graduate from the University of Arizona accelerated at Converdge Corp., the company he co-founded in 2003. Since then, he has also established several other ventures and served as Co-Founder and President. Since 2012, Shawn has expanded his brand Universal Media, a lifestyle shopping center and out-of-home advertising brand. In addition to specializing in place-based advertising at shopping malls, the star continues to mark new adventures with friends and mother. After losing his father in 2021, Shawn has, time and again, paid an ode to his father’s legacy.

Trish Dunn is Excelling in Real Estate and Finance

Trish got evicted from the show after her strategies backfired. Nevertheless, since her exit, the sales executive has climbed the ladder of success. At 62, Trish has used her passion and energy to further her career. From a sales executive, Trish went on to become the Senior Vice President and Partner of Bay Capital Mortgage Corporation, a position she holds to this day. In 2012, Trish also began her journey in real estate.

Trish is now a specialist in the field as she brings her invaluable insights into finance with her. Other than work, the reality star continues to keep her adventurous spirit alight and runs profusely. She has also appeared in ‘Trees 2: The Root of All Evil.’ Trish has completed 53 marathons over the years and continues to experience the best of life along with her husband Leo and children Reilly and Molly.

Michelle Tesauro is Maintaining Privacy in Personal and Professional Life

The soccer enthusiast with a degree in Bachelor of Science in business and marketing was ultimately bested by her fellow castmates and ultimately continued to live a life outside of media once the show came to an end. Now in her 40s, Michelle continues to keep information about her personal and professional life concealed from the public.

Ryan Shoulders is Living a Private Life

After getting booted due to struggling with challenges, Ryan returned to the island on Day 19 as part of the Outcasts team. However, after failing to re-enter the game, the reality star eventually went off the grid and has chosen to keep his life under wraps. As such, the 43-year-old, hailing from Tennessee, has absolved himself from further contact with his fellow castmates and fans.

Nicole Delma is Advocating for Environmental Causes Today

The Washington-based sports massage therapist and trainer was ousted three days into the show after her risk-taking abilities turned on her. Nevertheless, Nicole continued to embark on the path to success. In 2008, Nicole became the spokesperson for a skincare brand called Proactiv. The reality star even appeared in advertisements and commercials and worked for brands like Conde Nast and Getty Images. In the years that came to pass, Nicole also established her own email and database consulting firm called Mind Offline.

The star married her boyfriend, Jessie Spooner, in 2014, and the couple welcomed their two daughters shortly after. Along with spending time with her family, Nicole is also an environmentalist and has raised awareness for Amazon’s packaging crisis. Singlehandedly, Nicole led one of the largest petitions ever asking Amazon to offer plastic-free checkout. The reality star managed to get 750,000 signatures for the same. She also owns a store that donates its profits to environmental programming and is still an avid runner who has run over 20 marathons.

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