Sam Lantz: Squid Game Player 16 is Now a Business Owner

Image Credit: Sam Lantz (Wells)/Instagram

While a show like Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ compels you to cheer on a variety of players, there is an undeniable public interest in those who ended up claiming some of the top spots in the competition, given the staggering cash prize of $4.56 million. Given how things unfolded in ‘Squid Game,’ it is certainly understandable why the world wants to keep an eye on those who proved their mettle in front of the whole world and won our hearts.

Consider Sam Lantz (Wells), who appeared in the reality show as Player 016 and impressed many with his style of gameplay. While always trying to maintain his position in the competition, the contestant did try to keep good connections, which certainly helped in the later part of the show, given just how things unfolded. Despite the turbulent course of events, he was able to secure a spot in the top 3. While he ultimately did not bag the title of victor, he did become famous across the world. Naturally, people are very eager to know just what Sam is up to these days.

Where is Sam Lantz Now?

As a participant in the Netflix show, Sam Lantz opened up about his life and how it shaped him into the person we see on our screens. “I’m pretty confident in my abilities to hold my cards close to my chest,” he explained. “I grew up a little gay boy in a very religious family. It felt like I couldn’t be myself because if I was myself, I was at risk because the talk was constantly about how people like me were going to hell or they were to die because of their decisions.”

“I tried everything as a kid to not be gay,” Sam confessed. “I made… You know, I tried making deals with God. I tried… I feel like I tried everything that a kid could think of. And after I left home and came out and lost my family to their prejudices, I’ve built a new family, and I have other people who filled those roles in a better way than the… than my blood or relation ever has.” The contestant’s heartfelt recollection of his past allowed many to not only connect with him but also understand his thought process better.

Having grown much from his past experiences, Sam has crafted an amazing life for himself. The reality TV star is now thriving in both the personal and professional aspects of his life. He is the man who founded Beard Giant, a company dedicated to grooming and appreciating all types of beards. Given his own eye-catching beard, we can certainly see why the reality TV star is so passionate about this project.

Additionally, Sam has made use of his artistic side to create visually impressive masterpieces under his brand, Uncle Studio. From sculptures to shoes, there are many forms of canvases on which he has showcased his skills to make use of colors to invoke magically cosmic feelings in all those who lay eyes on his work. However, as of writing, Sam is not working on commissions as an artist and has been enjoying fame from his stint as a Netflix star. He has attended several events as his status as one of the top 3 finalists of the world-famous show.

Presently, Sam is happily married to his husband Doug, who is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and works as a morning television producer alongside Sam. The couple enjoys traveling, especially to theme parks, and seem to be very much in love. Sam himself seems pretty content in life, making maximum use of his skills and interests, which include traveling, painting, bodybuilding, and spending time with his dogs (Moo and Duke).

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