Kyle: Squid Game Player 101 is Now in the Customer Services Industry

If there is one thing you should know about Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ it’s the surety that every opportunity needs to be used to the max. After all, it would be hard to win the grand prize of $4.56 million if you remained lenient on those who want that money as desperately as you. Hence, it is not unknown for contestants to grab the first opportunity possible to further themselves in the game, even if not everyone might be on board with the concept.

Consider Kyle (Player 101) from season 1, who started the competition strong with a successful game of Red Light Green Light. Following that, he bonded with Stephen Lomas over the fact that both men were rocking mullets. However, during the chore time, he was given the opportunity to either help someone else or eliminate another contestant. Knowing just how challenging the ‘Squid Game‘ inspired show can be, Kyle did not hesitate to make a choice he felt was right.

Did Kyle’s actions really help him in the long run? That is far from an easy question to answer, given the sheer unpredictability of this reality series. However, what remains sure is that the contestant earned the respect and interest of many, owing to his ability to play the game as intended. As such, the world is quite eager to explore what Kyle might be up to these days!

Where is Kyle Now?

During his time on ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Kyle explained how he was often underestimated simply because of preconceived notions. “I will say that, no matter what, the mullet, the redneck, uh, the country accent, in my opinion, is always viewed as maybe a little bit more less intelligent than, uh, possibly, you know, other northern or even western of Kentucky kind of states,” the reality show contestant explained.

“I can almost see it sometimes in people’s faces with my accent,” Kyle further confessed about how people tend to view him. “They’re almost like, ‘Yeah, this guy’s probably not that smart.’ But yeah, I can definitely play off that anytime I like to, you know, get an advantage. If I see the opportunity, I’m gonna seize it.” Following up on his words, Kyle did indeed make sure that he was able to grab any chance he had to further himself without trying to change anyone’s mind about him.

Unfortunately for Kyle, his efforts did not yield the best result after the second challenge came around. The player had to prove his mettle in perhaps one of the trickiest tasks on the show but had to admit defeat when he failed to do as required. His exit was certainly mourned by his allies, including Stephen Lomas, who had started to consider him as one of his closest allies ever since the two men spotted each other across the dormitory in similar mullets.

As of writing, Kyle lives in Floyd County in Kentucky. The reality TV star is certainly proud of his home state, even though he admitted in the show how many people tend to look at Kentucky residents in an unfavorable light. Presently, he is working within the Customer Services industry but does not seem very active on social media.

Interestingly, Kyle’s popularity in the Netflix series is not just because of his own performance. As some of our readers might have noticed, his on-screen identification number is the same as Jang Deok-su, a well-known character antagonistic character from ‘Squid Game’ season 1. Having such a recognizable number likely helped Kyle attract some attention to himself.

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